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  On Hold!  My Special Sponsors:     - In gratitude for all who help those who cannot
speak for themselves.  The Golepack
    - Richard and Vaun Billman
Gender: Female  Age:  7-10 years old  
    Available for adoption- PAIR w/ Pooh - New Photo! My Special Sponsors:    - Denny, Carolyn, Addie Anne and Holden Kreider in memory of Nancy Chase
   - The Steiner Family, in memory of our special golden boy, Duke
    - Aija Mills and Marissa Johnson,  with love from Amber
Gender: Male  Age:  10 years old  
  Adoption pending! My Special Sponsors:    - Carlene Williams, For the love of my girls Bella, Gracie, Zoie, and Caoimhe Gender: Female  Age:  8 year old    
  On Hold!  My Special Sponsors:   - Barry and Valarie Wawrin, Three Dogs Snoring
  - Susie Harlan, in memory of Nancy Chase and her many contributions to G.R.I.N. and the Golden's she loved.
Gender: Male  Age:  1-2 years old  
  Available after 1/2  My Special Sponsors:    - Barry and Mary Russell in memory of Nancy Chase Gender: Male  Age:  4-5 years old   
  Adoption pending! -New Update! My Special Sponsors: Carol and Jerry, Zoe and Kirby Chenoweth; Ken and Juliann Tilger, in honor of Cheryl and Furman Alden; Bernie and Ed Juchnowski, in memory of Gilbert Arndt; Lennie and Jane, in honor and support of Margaret denHeijer; Dave and Sherry Vanderneut; Joyce Selzer; Speedy recovery Isaac!!!  Wags, Miss Molly Nolan; Dale Whitmire; Helen and Jeff Headlee; George Meszaros; Jerome Pahl; Laura Geuther; Lisa Prouty Corwin; Kathy Alteri; Pamela Lovitt; Nora and Molly Wilcox; Ray Kozlowski; David and Mary Rinderle; Kari Eisenacher; Anne and Bob Patram, in memory of Reggie Rinaldi and Major Wright; Linda Marsh; James Morrison; Barry and Mary Russell, in memory of Major Wright and Reggie Rinaldi; Albert Jepson; We love you Isaac!  Michelle, Jeff, and Charles Curenton; Sally Hodder, in memory of my beautiful golden Lucy who recently passed after a brief battle with osteosarcoma of the spine; Nancy Motl; Charlene Kuentz; Charlene Dickard Hartson, in memory of Luna; Bob and Susie Harlan; Elizabeth Brantner; Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Stu Ferbrache Gender: Male  Age:  3-5 years old  
  On Hold! -Update! My Special Sponsors:     - Carlene Williams, For the love of my girls Bella, Gracie, Zoie and Caoimhe Gender: Female  Age:  8-9 years old   
  New Arrival -  My Special Sponsors:    - Charlene Hartson, in memory of Grazie
   - Stephanie Hathaway
Gender: Male  Age:  6 years old  

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Geuther Wally4 Web

Just a little shake will do it!

This fun photo was sent in by Laura and Jim Geuther of their golden Wally.  Wally was a G.R.I.N. dog adopted by the Geuther's in 2009.  He loves the water and as you can see, is quite ready to go in again! 

 If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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