Nov 16
Last Updated on 28 November 2016

Rusty2To remind you of Rusty’s background, he began displaying symptoms of lethargy and weight loss, and was diagnosed with a potential liver shunt based on blood work. His owners were unable to afford the testing, surgery and care required, therefore the family made the painful decision to relinquish him to GRIN so he could live a normal life. A CT scan was required to confirm the diagnosis and determine the type of shunt; he was seen again, had the scan, and it confirmed the diagnosis. 

From the onset, the surgeon had told us Rusty's case was very complicated and he wouldn't know what he was facing until he got in there. Sadly the specialist who is working with GRIN on Rusty's care determined that he is not a surgical candidate to fix his liver shunt - the surgery would cut off the blood vessels and he would be unable to live. 

He is doing well in foster now, happy and playful. He has to be monitored carefully, kept on a special diet and meds. GRIN has made the decision to keep Rusty on hospice care with his loving and very experienced foster family.  At such time when his condition begins to deteriorate, which could be any time, but up to two years, we will make the decision to let him go peacefully and not suffer. Until that time, he will be well cared for and loved. This is certainly not the outcome any of us wanted.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored him and contributed to his medical expenses - to date they are $4,404.13.

Despite the fact that he will not have the surgery, we still would be grateful for any and all sponsorships to cover his past expenses and ongoing hospice care.

Please continue to keep Rusty and his foster family in your thoughts and prayers.

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