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GRIN has very few available dogs therefore we are not accepting general applications at this time. We are an all-volunteer organization and currently have a backlog of applications to process and a waiting list of approved adopters.  We do have several senior pairs and a special needs pup that are looking for homes.  If you are interested and would like more information on these dogs please reach out to adoption@grinrescue.org for more information.  We appreciate your patience and your willingness to support rescue. Thank you!

We are always looking for people who are interested in adopting a senior Golden. Seniors can be as cute and lovable as younger dogs and come with many wonderful qualities that young dogs can take years to grow into.  Many people will not consider a senior because they are afraid the time with their new best friend will be short.  The privilege of loving a senior dog makes every single day that much more special as you know you have given them a second chance at life.  Often times offering them, even for a short time, the best life they have ever known!

The Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog; however, they are predisposed to several conditions: ear infections, hot spots, excessive shedding, and generally a need for lots of exercise in order to be good house pets.  They are not outside dogs to be tied or enclosed away from "their people" and can become quite loud, destructive, and even self-mutilating if made to live in these conditions.  Many require a good amount of attention, and when not given the attention they wish, will resort to tearing up your favorite slippers, gardens, etc. in order to get your attention.

These dogs are excellent obedience candidates and can be easily trained to be wonderful companions-if you will work with them. Obedience is obtained by being fair and consistent, and offering praise when the deed is obtained.  To train a dog, you have to think like a dog.  Hitting etc. is considered an aggression by the animal and eventually the animal may retaliate.

This pet will cost approximately $350 a year in vet bills and $180 to feed.  Additional expenses may include grooming, collars, leads, bowls, and toys.  We want both of you to be thrilled with each other and would be glad to help in any way to assure this.

szidikharleyQuestions on the adoption application pertaining to the animal's being allowed on the furniture, whether you have fencing or not, etc., are to insure that you will get a dog you can live with.  Most dogs will need a fenced yard, and some dogs that have previously been allowed on furniture might be a constant struggle for you, if you do not wish to allow this to continue.  Your answers will not, however, jeopardize your application.

If this animal is found in a condition in which the animal's welfare is jeopardized, we will call the first time to explain how to correct the condition.  If the animal is again found in such a state, we will require that the animal be returned to G.R.I.N.

G.R.I.N.'s mission is to find forever homes for the displaced goldens we take in.  We know the following phases of our adoption is long reading, but it's important for our applicants to understand the adoption process and how we strive to find the best home for the dogs and the best possible match for you, your family and lifestyle.


Like most Golden Retriever rescue organizations, G.R.I.N. is experiencing a shortage of dogs however the number of adoption applications has increased tremendously.  If you apply to adopt please be patient with us as there is a delay in processing applications as our volunteers are doing their very best to manage the volume.  Also it could take some time to match you up with a dog that best suits your needs and environment. Thank you for your understanding!



Please note we are always in need of foster homes.  If you are willing to open up your home to care for a Golden Retriever in transition we encourage you to apply to foster!   To apply to foster go to Member Resources, click on Foster Resources then click on Become a Foster and follow the instructions.

G.R.I.N. only accepts applications from residents of NE Ohio and Western PA. Please check if your county is included in our area; Adoption Area Map (DOC) or Adoption Area Map (PDF). If you live in Northwestern Ohio, please visit Golden Retriever Rescue Resource.  If you live in Southern Ohio, please contact GRRAND.  If you live outside of these areas, please visit Golden Retriever Club of America, Rescue by State for a golden rescue in your area.

For detailed information of the adoption process, please click on the "Next>>" link below 

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