G.R.I.N. tries to make every effort to keep this page current and up to date. Please keep in mind that by the time you submit an application and are going through the approval process, some of dogs pictured below may already be in the process of meeting and being adopted by other approved applicants.

The average ages of our rescued Goldens are 6-10 years of age, however G.R.I.N. does occasionally receive younger dogs that are in need of a home.  If you are interested in adopting a young dog, please do not wait until you see one on our website to apply for adoption.  Our approval process takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete and by the time you have been approved for adoption, the younger dog will have already been placed into a loving home. Please start the application process now so that you can be on a waiting list for when G.R.I.N. does have younger dogs available.

  To read more about our Available Goldens, click on their photos below:

Mar 15
Last Updated on 24 March 2015



New Arrival - 
Available for Sponsorship
Gender: Female  Age:  2 years old

Read more: Baby - 14068

Jan 15
Last Updated on 23 March 2015



Available for adoption - New Update &  New Photos!
My Special Sponsors:
   - Carlene Williams, in loving memory of my Bella
   - Happy Birthday to my Mom, Nancy Kantura!  Love Amy
Gender: Male  Age:  8.5 years old

Read more: Bingo - 14062

Feb 15
Last Updated on 23 March 2015



My Special Sponsors:
   - Louise Madden, in memory of my G.R.I.N. boy, Chance
Gender: Male  Age:  7 years old

Read more: Boots - 14072

Mar 15
Last Updated on 18 March 2015



Adoption pending! 
Available for Sponsorship
Gender: Male  Age:  2 years old

Read more: Buck - 14059

Mar 15
Last Updated on 18 March 2015



On Hold! 
Available for Sponsorship
Gender: Male  Age:  1 year old

Read more: Buddy - 14070

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