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My Special Sponsor:    Susan and Bob Spisak, to honor all of the hard-working dedicated G.R.I.N. volunteers.

Leo: Male 5  years old



Fortune smiled on Leo; the shelter where he landed was full and his days were numbered.  His owner relinquished him to that shelter; she lost her husband and could not care for sweet Leo anymore.  He’s a handsome Golden with a wonderful personality—he’s been called the life of the party!  Those who have met him know he is cute and friendly, just a nice boy.  He is somewhat submissive, yet he will bark at strangers, protecting his people. He was raised with older children and loves them.  Leo appears to be exceptionally smart, is terrific on a leash and is used to a crate.  This Golden looks towards a long, healthy life with a family that will care for him unconditionally.

Foster Update: 8/31/11
Leo is a Velcro Golden who stays close to his foster mom at all times.  He has even climbed the wood rack below the kitchen window, then puts his paws on the sill and peeps in the window to see what his foster mom is doing…a peeping Leo!  He loves his tennis ball and likes to have something in his mouth at all times…he is a touchy feely boy!  He has lots of play energy and walks well on the leash.  He loves to give kisses.  He is working on drop it with his tennis ball so the game can continue!

Foster Update: 10/4/11

Leo loves his foster mom and follows her everywhere she goes.  He is a good student though and when she cues him out of the kitchen when she is cooking; he stays at the doorway and watches her.  He likes his foster sister and will lie quietly beside her at night during TV time.  He loves to go for car rides and wants to meet everyone.  Leo loves to play, especially ball, but has not mastered the ‘give’ cue yet…he likes to play keep away! 


Foster Update: 11/29/11
Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy all year even though things were a little scary for a while. I lost my home and ended up in a shelter but then G.R.I.N. found me and told me they will help me find the perfect home. I have been staying with some friends of G.R.I.N. but my foster mom says you know how to find me even though I have moved around a lot lately, so she is helping me write my Christmas list.  I would like a new tug-a-war toy, I like to play tug-a-war I am really good at it.  I also like to play ball, I can run fast and I almost always beat my foster sister to it, but sometimes I let her get it first so she doesn't feel left out!  What I really want for Christmas is a family of my very own!  I will be really good at taking care of a family: we will go for walks and rides in the car. We can play ball and tug-a-war and we can snuggle up and watch TV together.  I will let them rub my belly and give them lots of kisses.  I can show them all my tricks, I know 'sit’, ‘down', and 'stay'…sometimes I scoot closer cause 'stay' is a hard one. I am also really good at making my foster mom laugh…she says I have a very expressive face. If I could get a family of my own for Christmas that would be the best gift ever!  Maybe you could even find some homes for some of the other G.R.I.N. boys and girls too?
PS Foster Mom says I should leave some cookies for you but I really like them so I will put my favorite tennis ball by the chimney for you!

fence Leo needs to have a fenced environment and would benefit with some obedience training.schoolbus

Foster Photos 9-30-2011:

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