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My Special Sponsors: Bo, Logan, Major and Simba Wright in memory of Buddy Gole

Sarge: Male 5-6 years old

One of our terrific adoption coordinators had the pleasure of picking up from a shelter this the mellow stray.  She’s transported many a dog, and she said he’s the smelliest dog ever!  No worries, she had him shampooed, shampooed, shampooed!  He was treated to a pedicure, and an ear cleaning.  She added that he was “a gem” at the vet partner’s.  “He was such a good boy and laid down for me…curious about what’s around but seemed happy.”  Sarge is heavy; his adopter must get him on a diet and exercise plan geared towards weight reduction…he appears to be laboring due to the pounds.  He’s an all-around nice Golden, with constant love and attention, you can make a difference in this Golden boy’s life.

Foster Update: 8/15/11



Sarge is a lovable teddy bear. He's not a Velcro dog, but likes attention and enjoys being petted and scratched and
he swoons over belly rubs. While he's a laid back dog (no chasing after tennis balls for him), he loves to go for walks and for drives in the car. He gets along well with other dogs.
For a large dog, he is very easy to handle. He will lie down without complaining and will let you poke and prod and even even roll him over without any complaints. The only command Sarge knew when he came was "sit".  We are working on basic commands and he is a quick learner!



fence Sarge needs to have a fenced environment and would benefit with some obedience training.schoolbus




Foster Photos 8-15-2011:



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