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Diesel: Male 10 months old

A puppy is a puppy is a puppy.  It doesn’t matter what make or model; there are ground rules that go right along with adopting that puppy (meaning a young dog, especially one under the age of one), and will need to be followed until they mature, which can take another year or two.  Diesel has an inviting personality; he’s great with kids, cats and dogs, too.  He enjoys jogging; he’d be great for a runner once his leash manners are honed.  Diesel absolutely has to understand boundaries in the yard—a fence is a must—he’s too curious for his own good.   But, this absolute joy of a canine is a treat to have around.   His new owner will be super happy they were paired with Diesel!

Foster Update: 3/12/12

Diesel is a typical fun-loving, curious and very sweet Golden puppy!  He gets along well with the resident Goldens and loves to wrestle with his young foster brother.  They are constantly trying to get the others toy, romping around the house chasing each other and generally enjoying themselves!  He is very curious about his surroundings, loves to accompany us and is already a master at the Golden trait of "following-in-front!"  He is very well-mannered accepting treats and has excellent meal manners as well.

Foster Update: 3/25/12

Diesel is someone's dream agility or obedience dog!   After a rocky 3 minute start of his first obedience class he settled in beautifully.  He has a nice ‘watch me’ and loves hotdogs more than acting goofy when he sees other dogs.  He did some meet & greets with other students and their dogs and would have passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen easily.  He took to agility like a fish to water and flew thru the tunnel and looks for his foster mom at the end.  He thinks a tire is for jumping in and out of and already understands hand signals.  He was doing perfect recalls, come front, down, stay, and checking in!  Diesel wants to please and is so smart.  He was one tired boy after class and is looking forward to his furever home that will want to join him in the training fun!  

fence Diesel needs to have a fenced environment and would benefit with some obedience training.schoolbus


diesel11017 1

New Photos 2-14-2011: 

diesel11017 wp1
diesel11017 wp2 


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