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My Special Sponsors:
   - Janice Rinaldi and Family, in memory of Kathy Koenig's beloved dog Zoey
   - The Kuekings, in special memory of Zoey Koenig and Logan Wright

Gender: Female Age:  2.5 years old

Our trusty transporter had some time to assess Miss Daisy while she was driving her!  She reports, “She is pretty much everything one would want and expect in a young female Golden...happy and with lots of personality.  I think she is pretty calm for her age; she was just 2 years old. in November.  She rode in the car like a dream... not a peep except to smile at me if I said her name.”  Daisy’s used to kids, cats and dogs, too.  She’s a tad bit chubby, so regular walks and a fenced yard for playtime would suit this gal just fine!  

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.


daisy11039 1 

daisy11039 2

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