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If you have adopted a G.R.I.N. dog and would like to submit a success story, please forward your story, along with pictures to: Success Stories, or you may mail them to: Success Stories G.R.I.N. P.O. Box 24365 Cleveland, OH 44124 If you'd like your pictures returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


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Eddys Blog

I am a 2 year old Golden Retriever adopted from Golden Retrievers in Need (G.R.I.N.)  Follow the link below to read my adventures.

Cooper - A Dogs Blog

The life and times of Cooper Duffy. Cooper is a two-year-old Golden Retriever who was adopted from a Golden Retriever Rescue Service.  Follow the link below to read the adventures of Cooper.

Jasper and River - Dog Tales

We are 2 golden retrievers that were adopted from G.R.I.N. (Golden Retrievers in Need) in November, 2006. Now we lead joyful lives in Western New York, where we have a pond and lots of room to run around!


Jul 08
Last Updated on 25 March 2012


My name is Abner and I am so happy to meet you!

See, I love all people and other animals very much including my new parents and my new big brother Capone.  My new family is wonderful to me.  I get brand new toys all the time because I like to destroy them within a 24 hour period!  I have my very own fenced in yard to roam and my mom and dad let me sleep in the big bed with them and Capone!  I'm so grateful for this new life that I had to stop and thank my last foster family for taking such good care of me and to thank G.R.I.N. for giving me a chance at true happiness.


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Feb 10
Last Updated on 26 March 2012

Hi!  It's Adler, and I couldn't be happier!  I'm fully trained on my 2 acre invisible fence where I love to run and chase balls with my new furever family.  I love to cuddle with them, I may be 80 pounds, but I think I'm still a lap dog.  I have 2 new friends who are "cats", and I try really hard to play nice with them, but they still need to "warm up" to me since I have alot of energy.  I'm really looking forward to this spring.  I'm told that I will go camping alot.  

 I don't know what this means, but it sure sounds like fun!!  I love my new home and my new family!!


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Jul 08
Last Updated on 26 March 2012


My name is Aubrey and here is my wonderful story.

Well - when my 3 year old told me she wanted a Golden Retriever I thought maybe we could get her a dog some day - but as time went on it became clear no dog was going to do - this child wanted a Golden Retriever. So then she turned 4 and still wanted a Golden - but we have 2 dogs, a 12 year old beagle and a 2 year old Yorkie. As the months continued to pass and she did not let up on wanting a Golden - she was making us all want a Golden, we had stuffed Goldens, books on Goldens (no dog books - only those devoted totally to Goldens) heck - the child selected her winter coat because she could "see herself wearing it and walking her Golden Retriever." What kind of mother was I denying her of this companion - I started to wonder - how could I?


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Dec 10
Last Updated on 26 March 2012

Dear G.R.I.N.,

My name is Katrina Lallo and my husband Dan and I adopted Barkley, was G.R.I.N. dog Rocky, about three years ago.  He is doing excellent and is the light of my life.  He's definately a mamma's boy and follows me everywhere.  He is so much fun and is an excellent companion, even if he is a HUGE bed hog.  He loves to lay on his back with his paws up in the air.  I call him my "alligator" when he does that.  As part of my in-laws gift exchange for Christmas, we each choose a charity to donate to each year.  This year, I would like to sponsor "Glory" in memory of Lika and Sugar.  Glory looks just like my golden, Sugar, who I grew up with.  Someday I hope to foster, but in the meantime, I am spreading the word about G.R.I.N. and how lucky I am to have found my best friend through G.R.I.N.  Keep up the excellent work, God Bless and Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah. 

 Sincerely- Katrina Lallo

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