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If you have adopted a G.R.I.N. dog and would like to submit a success story, please forward your story, along with pictures to: Success Stories, or you may mail them to: Success Stories G.R.I.N. P.O. Box 24365 Cleveland, OH 44124 If you'd like your pictures returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


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Eddys Blog

I am a 2 year old Golden Retriever adopted from Golden Retrievers in Need (G.R.I.N.)  Follow the link below to read my adventures.

Cooper - A Dogs Blog

The life and times of Cooper Duffy. Cooper is a two-year-old Golden Retriever who was adopted from a Golden Retriever Rescue Service.  Follow the link below to read the adventures of Cooper.

Jasper and River - Dog Tales

We are 2 golden retrievers that were adopted from G.R.I.N. (Golden Retrievers in Need) in November, 2006. Now we lead joyful lives in Western New York, where we have a pond and lots of room to run around!


Nov 15
Last Updated on 09 November 2015

Hi! My name is Jake and I was an owner surrender.

Read more: Jake

Aug 15
Last Updated on 18 September 2015

We adopted Atlas. From day 1 we called him Max. He didn't mind the change one bit. Max instantly became our dog. No, we became his family. He wanted to become part of the family. He has found his forever home.

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Jul 16
Last Updated on 22 July 2016
Hi, and Happy Fourth!
I looked on the GRIN site and couldn't find a place to send this so if you think it's appropriate to post on your website that would be great.

Read more: Molly

Apr 16
Last Updated on 19 April 2016

I wanted to thank G.R.I.N. for allowing us to adopt the most wonderful dog in this world.

Read more: Sammy

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