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Logan came into my life in January 2006. He had been in a foster home since September 2005, but his foster parents were going overseas on a missions trip and he needed another foster home while they were gone.

I agreed to take him for the time they were gone, but quickly realized he was here to stay!  Logan had been found at a shelter as a stray and was most likely abused in the past.

Those who know me know I am a sucker for an old guy with a white face. There is nothing better than old gold! They exhibit the best of our favorite breed, loving, loyal, fun, gentle, and just want to please. My Logan has all these characteristics and more!  He wanted nothing more than to be as close to me as possible, followed me everywhere and quickly found the spot on the bed where he could snuggle up against my legs and spend the night snoring (very loudly) away! I emailed Amy, the adoption coordinator, and told her I was going to become a "foster failure"!

Fast forward 16 months later and my Logie has completed his TDI certification and goes on weekly therapy dog visits to an area nursing home.  He is the perfect therapy dog, knowing exactly what to do and how to get to the love and attention he knows he will receive.  Everyone loves him as he is so gentle and has the most beautiful curly coat.  He is starting a reading program with elementary school children at the local library this fall as well.

He loves his "babies", especially his stuffed monkeys that make noise.  He collects all the babies and bones from his brothers and brings them to one of the dog beds to lie on; they just roll their eyes and let him!  Logan loves to chase tennis balls and run around the yard.  He is so gentle with my nephew and wouldn't dream of jumping on people or counters.  He still has to be crated when I am gone even at age 11 as he does like to eat things he shouldn't, books, phones, pictures, and his favorite: remotes!  He is so cute when he does it though, wags his tail and proudly brings the item to you!  He checks out the pond daily to make sure the fish are still there and can't wait for his morning "bath" as he has to run out and roll in the wet grass first thing in the morning (and after his monthly grooming)!  He loves his daily walks especially when he sees squirrels and rabbits as he thinks he is a mighty golden hunter.

I am so blessed to have my Logie Dogie!!  Thanks G.R.I.N.!!


By Lynnete W.
September 2007



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