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On Hold!-Update & New Photos!
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 - Denise and Gunnar Nims
Gender: Male  Age:  3 years old

Tripp came to us from an elderly owner; while she adored this cutie, she couldn’t handle his exuberance. Tripp is a young, hyper guy. He’s with our foster/training partner, and is being educated on manners. Stay tuned for her updates!

Foster Update:1/16/17

Tripp is, well, a trip!   He’s a goofy, playful, energetic Golden pup. He loves belly rubs and cuddles and being wherever you are. Tripp is house trained, does not chew up your favorite shoes or steal your lunch off of the kitchen counter. He gets along with other dogs, tugging on the resident Golden's ear and collar to try to get him to play and would love to have a playmate that can keep up with him (the resident Goldens are older and get a bit annoyed at his insistence on playing). He is excited to see his foster parents when they come home, and does a little dance to show how happy he is. He doesn't jump up often, but if he does, a single "off" and he stops. He knows "sit," and will do so for treats, but other cues need work. He loves exploring in the yard and has been interested in the many deer that surround the property, but hasn't barked or tried to get out after them. At night, Tripp is happy to sleep on his doggie bed next to his foster Mom's bed. Tripp is being treated for some skin issues and an ear infection. He easily takes his medicine (wrapped in a bit of cheese) and is well behaved when having his ears cleaned. He is not food aggressive and takes treats very gently. Tripp pulls on the leash quite a bit on walks and needs a strong arm (the kids won't be able to walk him). A harness for walking works best.  Tripp is still a pup, he would benefit from some additional training.

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.


Foster Photos 1-16-2017:

tripp16094 foster1

tripp16094 foster2

tripp16094 foster3

Intake Photos:

tripp16094 1 

tripp16094 2

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