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Ellie: Female 12 years old

“Ellie is the best dog ever,” her former owner reports.  Unfortunately she was forced to move in with a family member who has allergies, so she had to relinquish her furry friend.  Ellie’s fine with cats, but she’s submissive and hasn’t been socialized much, so it may be best if she is the only canine in her new home.  She’s not too happy with loud noises like fireworks, but she’s not at all destructive.  She’s just a gentle and kindly senior gal.  And what’s not to like about that?

Foster Update: 9/4/11

Ellie is a perfect, small girl. She was shaved in the spring so her coat is growing in now. She is very soft. She is always near me, liking to be petted and talked to. When told how beautiful and wonderful she is, her tail goes into overdrive!   She likes to play ball and often just carries a tennis ball in her mouth. She gets along with other dogs, cats, and all the people she has met. She's very quiet. She was here for over a week before she barked for the first time. She is well-trained and obedient. Because of hip problems, she doesn't go for long walks, but a short walk makes her happy. Ellie would be a great addition to a family that is ready to love and care for her!

Foster Update: 10/3/11

Ellie is a little lady. She isn't pushy, but comes to me whenever I am petting one of the other dogs so she can be included too. Her coat is soft and silky, which really invites petting. Ellie is the tennis ball dog at our house. She runs around to look for one when going outside. When all the balls are outside I take the basket out and 'retrieve' them…she has me well trained!  She likes to sleep on the dog bed during the day, since it's near the living room and the kitchen, and at night she has been sleeping on the bed with me. Recently she has started to cuddle at night and again in the morning. She is such a loving girl and beautifully behaved. I can't think of a better companion dog for someone with love to give!

 Foster Update: 11/11/11

Ellie is a sweetheart. She is quiet but not shy. Since our other foster was recently adopted I have seen a new side of her. The last foster was a toy shredder, stuffed toys, rope toys, tennis balls, so by the time Ellie arrived the toy supply was running low. I didn't replenish it, needless to say!  After the adoption, toys came out of the closet and home from the store, and Ellie showed me that she is a true toy dog! She carries around the stuffed toys, sleeps with her head on one, brings one to bed or offers one to anyone who might like a game of tug. She will play by herself, tossing a toy in the air and retrieving it herself. She rolls on the toys on the floor with sounds of great delight. She is very playful for a dog her age--in fact you would never guess her age from being with her. She likes attention from her people, but those toys are always calling her name!

Foster Update: 1/3/12

Ellie is my sweetheart! She cuddles up and likes to sit by me on the couch to watch TV. A G.R.I.N. friend sent her a box of toys and she has been in her glory with them. I've never known a dog that likes toys so much but never destroys them. She carries them around the house and often sleeps with her head on one. She gets along with everyone and even grooms the cat. Ellie is a quiet dog, barking only rarely. She is very happy to be petted and talked to. She needs a home with a lot of love to give, and believe me, she will return it!

fence Ellie needs to have a fenced environment and would benefit with some obedience training.schoolbus


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