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Romeo: Male 12 years old


Romeo is one of our sweetest and gentlest Goldens!  He came to us via a shelter; his owner was forced to relinquish him due to ill health.  He would be best suited in a home where he can enjoy his golden years.  Casual strolls around the yard or block, good old-fashioned car rides and lots of love are what the doctor ordered for this angel.  He's going to be a loyal friend to his owner; you'll love your new Golden, Romeo.

Foster Update 9/21/11

Romeo has been with us for a couple of weeks now, but it feels like he’s always been here. He has very quickly settled into our routine, plays very gently with our 5 year old daughter and gets along well with our two resident male Goldens.

Romeo has excellent manners. He is housebroken and has full run of the house. Romeo waits patiently for his meals and takes snacks very gently. No counter-surfing, no jumping on the furniture or other bad habits with this sweet senior boy!  He does well with carpeted stairs but is a little unsure abou the one hardwood staircase – although he will go up and down it with a little encouragement.  Romeo walks well on a leash – he likes to walk around the neighborhood at a fairly quick pace.

Foster Update: 11/11/11

Romeo loves the fall weather we’ve been having lately! Every time we go outside Romeo rolls in the leaves and gallops around like a golden half his age. His tail never stops wagging, and it is fun to watch because it’s clear he’s having a great time playing. Our neighbor has a young dog that comes over and they have a good time. It only took Romeo a few days to settle into our schedule. He loves car rides, and on school days Romeo waits by the door in the morning for a ride to school. Every afternoon he walks to the bus stop to meet our 5 year-old. Romeo is incredibly gentle with our daughter. She practices walking him on a leash in our yard and he’s very patient, doesn’t pull and does his best to follow her directions. He looks forward to brisk walks around the neighborhood every day. When Romeo is in the house he settles right down on his favorite doggie bed.Since he arrived, we’ve had family over a couple of times and Romeo was very well behaved. He is very comfortable with lots of people (and noise!) and always wanted to be in the middle of everything. He plays with the kids, leans into the adults for a little attention – and then just hangs out. He does not beg for food or get into anything he’s not supposed to have. Halloween was last week. He barked when the first few kids rang the bell then did fine after that. I could not ask for a better behaved golden! He will make an outstanding addition to any family!

Foster Update: 12/15/11

Romeo had a great Thanksgiving and as you can see from the new picture, he's also getting ready for Christmas! He's asking for some new toys but what he wants most of all is his furever home.

At Thanksgiving we had a lot of people over - and Romeo was a perfect gentleman.   He was well behaved with kids and adults didn't beg - all he wanted to do is hang out in the middle of everything.

Even though it is getting colder outside, Romeo loves to play in the yard. He rolls around the in the frosty grass in the mornings and plays with the neighbor’s dog.

Foster Update: 2/14/12

Romeo is seeking his soul-mate on Valentine’s Day – is that you?

What’s not to love about this golden? As I’ve mentioned in other updates, Romeo is the perfect house guest. He is happy, sweet, very gentle, gets along with people and dogs, housebroken, rides great in the car. When Romeo is in the house, he is mellow – all he wants is to hang out wherever our family is. He’ll curl up by my feet. When he needs a little love he leans up against you and nudges with his nose. Romeo will sometimes play very gently with toys, and more recently he’s started bringing toys to us when we get home.

Romeo does great with carpeted stairs but is not a fan of hardwood stairs so he and his foster brother golden have their beds on the main floor. Each morning he curls up at the bottom of the steps as he waits for our daughter to wake up – once he hears her, he’s on his feet with his tail wagging as he patiently waits for her to come down. Occasionally he’ll bark a little to get her moving in the right direction.

Our family has fostered countless goldens over the years. All have been special in their own way – but Romeo really is a doll. Please consider this one for your family!

Foster Update: 5/10/12

The spring has zipped by, and it has been awhile since I have posted an update on Romeo. Romeo continues to be a sweetheart of a Golden, and we love having him with us. About a month ago Romeo decided he wanted to sleep with the family at night – so he’s gotten comfortable going up/down the stairs each day (he was always good on carpeted stairs, but was unsure about the more slippery hardwood stairs). Now he spends each night sleeping in our daughter’s room. She loves it and Romeo does too! Now that the weather is nice again, Romeo enjoys napping on the deck and playing outside with our neighbors dog – they have a great time together. If you are looking for a gentle Golden that is kid and dog friendly, that is up for walk or ride around the neighborhood then settles down nicely inside, Romeo may be the boy for you!

Foster Update: 12/28/12

Romeo sends his holiday wishes to all his friends at G.R.I.N.! He is looking forward to his best Christmas ever. He has been a super good golden this year, and he is hopeful that Santa will bring him what he wants more than anything - a forever family! We haven't provided a web update in a long time - Romeo has been busy living his life. He doesn't let being 12 slow him down at all. His favorite person is our 7 year old daughter. He has amazing patience for her and her friends, and loves being in the middle of play dates and Barbie dolls. Every day is a new adventure and he loves it all. The newest picture is from our Christmas card ... as you can see, Romeo is part of everything. He's hanging out with his person, and our two other rescue Goldens.  This year Romeo's wish will come true! After 16 months with Rescue, Romeo will have a family to call his own. What a Christmas surprise!



Foster Photos 10-23-2011: 

romeo10159 foster1

romeo10159 foster2

Foster Photo - ho, ho, ho! 12/19/2011:

romeo10159 foster3

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