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Gender: Male Age:  10 years old

Sandy’s a loveable older fella; he knows how to enjoy life!  He has spent many a day chasing squirrels, romping in the yard, going for car rides – he adores them – and bringing smiles to all he meets!  He was well-cared for by his previous owner, who sadly passed away recently.  G.R.I.N.’s been asked to find this treasure a new home.  We know Sandy was fed “people food,” so he’s heavier and cannot do stairs; a healthy diet and weight loss will make things easier for him.  Sandy would be a good family dog, or excellent companion for a single person or retired couple.  He’s fine with other dogs and does well on a leash.  Sandy’s going to melt his new owner’s heart. 


Foster Update: 5/8/12

Sandy is as cute a dog as I have ever seen. He has the sweetest face and always looks like he's smiling. His thick and fluffy coat makes him look bigger than he actually is, but could lose a few pounds. For a senior dog, he has abundant energy, you would think he's years younger. He hasn't walked much on a lead since he always had a fenced yard to play in, so he's learning to do that now, and he's really making progress. He's affectionate and likes all the attention he can get. He grew up eating people food and is now learning to like dog food! He has a little trouble climbing stairs because of some arthritis, but we are treating that now and he's doing better. Sandy needs a home without cats as he likes to chase them. He would benefit from some obedience classes, which is also a perfect way for a new owner to develop a bond with an adopted dog. He has met people and other dogs with ease. He would love a home with someone who has time to spend with him. His previous owner passed away and Sandy no doubt misses that close relationship. Please consider this wonderful boy!


Foster Update: 5/15/12

Sandyis such a wonderful boy!  He's affectionate and loves attention.  He's learned to go up the steps, so he has more of the house open to him now. He is on a medication for his arthritis and it has done him a world of good. He loves to go for walks, a mile is easy for him and he would go for a ride in the car every time I go out the door if he could.Sandykeeps an eye out for all the neighborhood squirrels and lets them know he's on duty. His easy-going manner with the resident Goldens and all our visitors makes him very popular. When he sees the brushes come out he lays down to be groomed. It's one of his favorite things. With his fluffy coat, brushing is recommended, and he's always ready.Sandyhas to be seen to be appreciated for his sunny personality and his outgoing ways. He would love a family with lots of love to give.                 
Foster Update: 5/25/12

Today I learned that when Sandy hears sirens he throws back his head and howls! I couldn't imagine what that sound was until I looked outside and saw him. Then I realized that his howls were harmonizing with the sirens!  I live near both police and fire stations so I don't usually notice the sirens. He is such a fun boy!  He has learned to eat dog food and enjoy it, though he still begs a little at the table. He is doing much better with the cat. The cat is tough and stands his ground, and Sandy is learning to leave him alone. This boy has a wonderful personality. He likes to be loved and leans against me when he wants petting.  He is the cutest boy!

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Foster Photos 5/1/2012:

sandy11047 foster1

sandy11047 foster2

sandy11047 foster3

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