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Gender: Male  Age:  7-8 years old

 We fear this guy was dumped – just a shame.  That’s all behind him and life is looking up for the extremely calm and quiet Justin.   He’s overweight and will enjoy a healthy diet and routine walks – and with a fenced yard, he can work off the pounds by romping & playing.  


Foster Update: 7/13/12

Justin is adjusting well to his foster home.  He gets along good with his Golden foster brothers, but does not like small dogs.  He knows several cues, walks well on a leash and loves car rides.  He is a calm and quiet dog but his foster mom is working to build Justin's confidence as he is shy with strangers.  He has a sweet personality and loves to romp and play in the yard.  Justin is overweight but has lost a few pounds since being in foster as he is on a good diet and getting regular exercise.

 Foster Update: 8/31/12

Justin continues to make good progress in his foster home.  He loves to go for walks and retrieve the ball.  He is good natured and is slowly gaining confidence with strangers.  He has a beautiful coat and is well behaved when bathed and brushed.  Justin is a sweet boy and love to give kisses!  He needs to be in a home with no small pets. 

 Foster Update: 2/27/13

Justin has been in my care for a little over two weeks now and he is a total love bug.  One of the first things you’ll notice about him is his wonderfully full coat and how soft it is; you won’t be able to stop petting him!  Right now he is still a bit Velcro and needs someone to help build his self confidence, which I’m sure will come once he’s adopted into a loving home and has someone to appreciate his fine qualities.  

He is totally trustworthy in the house when I’m gone and super happy when I get home; grabbing one of his stuffed toys as we go out the door to get his business done.   He can do stairs easily and literally vaults on the bed at night when he’s ready to go to sleep.  He sure doesn’t act like a senior, having a good amount of energy for a guy his age.  He does better if he’s able to run some of that off in a fenced in area, although he’s just as happy going for a walk or having you toss one of his toys for him.  Justin walks wonderfully on leash and he loves car rides.  

Justin has a good bit of a prey drive, so for this reason he needs to be in a home that has no small animals or any dogs.  He likes bigger dogs and gets along with them, but he tends to be more enthusiastic than they’d like or can tolerate for long term living.  This behavior has been refocused by G.R.I.N’s trainer and “touch” along with a treat works wonderfully to get his attention off the subject.  The training will have to be continued by his adopter in order for him to be a happy companion for you.  Best of all it’s not hard and doesn’t take much to perfect because the cue is already known to him, so don’t let it put you off in giving Justin a chance.  He has so much love to give in return!  

fence Needs to have a fenced environment.


justin11071 1 

justin11071 2

justin11071 vet1


Foster Photos 6-30-2012:

justin11071 foster1

justin11071 foster2

justin11071 foster3

Foster Photo 10-8-2012:

justin11071 foster4

New Photos Added 2/11/2013:

justin11071 foster5

justin11071 foster6

 justin11071 foster7



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