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 - Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Lennie!  Love, Cody and Louie Koenig
Gender: Male Age:  6-8 years old

Ozzie made his way to G.R.I.N. through a friend of a friend of a friend!   The final cog in the rescue process knew our organization would take care of this sweet boy.  He has a big block head and is a real snuggly boy!  He is also good with other dogs and cats, too.  This red fella is yearning for an end to his moves.    If you cannot adopt Ozzie, please consider sponsoring him.  


Foster Update: 7/8/12

Ozzie is such a great dog!  He's handsome, with a big head, red silky coat.   He's calm and gentle, doesn't get really excited unless I've been away for a while, and then he gives me an enthusiastic greeting, sitting back on his haunches and giving me both his paws.  Ozzie isn't a barker.  He will bark along if the other dogs start up, but he's mostly quiet.  He was recovering from his neutering when I first brought him home, and he was quieter and lay around more.  Now that he's feeling well, he's lively and lots of fun.  He's discovered our toy baskets, and especially the tennis balls. He likes to catch the ball and would probably be up for a great game outside if it wasn't so hot!  I rarely see him without some kind of a toy.  He sleeps in my room at night, but does not get on the bed, even with an invitation. He's never been on any of the furniture. He knows basic commands, is well-behaved, rides in the car perfectly and walks on the lead nicely. He and my cat are good friends.  Ozzie is maybe the most affectionate dog I have ever lived with.  He loves petting and almost always if I sit down, his head is in my lap.  This is a dog with so much love to give.  He's looking for a family that can love him in return--and you will love him if you meet him!

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