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My Special Sponsor:
 - Dr. Alice Jeromin
Gender: Male  Age:  4-5 years old

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Foster Update: 7/29/12

Wally is a fantastic dog. He likes everyone, his foster sisters, children, with whom he is very gentle and sweet, and seems he would be friends with the cat too!  He appears to have had some training and may have done some agility.  He can jump the 4 ft fence, if he wanted too, but prefers to stay with his foster mom or foster siblings.  Wally has a wonderful recall and comes running when called, just like Lassie or Air Bud!  He stays behind the baby gates and is trustworthy enough to not be crated.  Wally loves to be by your side!


Foster Update: 8/10/12

Wally is such a good boy. I have not yet heard him bark. He gets so excited and tries to put his own harness on when I get his leash as he loves his walks. He has adjusted well to grandchildren of all ages trying to lay with him, dress him, look in his mouth, brush his teeth: Wally endures it all and retuns love and affection for all. He is very trust worthy in the house. He also likes cats!

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.


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