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Gender: Female   Age:  3-4 years old

[notice]fenceschoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training. [/notice]

Abby is one sweet dog.  She is an owner relinquishment as she is an anxious Golden.  She’s been assessed by our vet partner as well as observed by our G.R.I.N. volunteer walkers.  So here’s the scoop:  Abby will be placed on meds to ease her anxiety; she’ll also be given another stronger medication and Thundershirt when storms are approaching.  She is fine with other dogs, takes to children, adores petting and begs for treats and belly rubs.  This girl has an insecurity issue, but with love and attention, she may be able to get past her fears.  It would be a gratifying experience to help Abby come into her own! 

Foster Update: 8/23/12

Are you looking for a little girl that has big brown eyes, a long tongue and a tail that wags…a lot? One that has 50 pounds of love to give to you and your family? Then Abby is just the girl for you!!  After just a week and a half in her foster home, it feels like she has always been here.  She gets along very well with the two resident dogs. Abby is as sweet as the day is long and is looking for her forever family. She’s a gorgeous red gold beauty.  This girl will be by your side most of the time, but will investigate her surroundings once she is comfortable. She needs to be in a home that has another dog that can show her the ropes. She loves to go for a walks and is friendly with other dogs and people that we meet along the way. She has never met a treat that she doesn’t like, (What Golden hasn’t?) and will sit and take that treat very gently. Abby has impeccable house manners and can be trusted not to “counter surf”.  She’s a work in progress, but has so much love in that little body that YOU will fall in love with her in a heartbeat!

 Update 1/22/13

Sweet Abby has made great progress, but needs a special foster/adoptive home.  She is working on losing some much needed weight.  She does like going for walks, but does not enjoy long periods of time outside and will dig when she wants to be inside.  She is disinterested in other dogs, but is no longer resource guarding or barking at other dogs when she sees them.  Abby has learned that four on the floor gets her attention and she now has some very nice leash manners.  Abby needs to be crated when her family is gone and she is home alone and does well in her crates.  Abby takes medication daily to help with her anxiety & will need to continue this in her furever home as she does very well on her medication.  She will make someone who is willing to manage Abby’s needs a lovely companion!  


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