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 - Michelle Gole, in memory of Trigger who is now chasing balls in heaven with his pal, Buddy XXI.  We miss him.  Love, Tahoe, Marley, Sonny, Teddy and Mom.
 - Gina Cook, in honor of Louie
 - The Craggs, Matt, Theresa, Alivia and Garrett and their fur kids

Gender: Female Age:  12 years old

Mary Jane is a nice senior gal; while she is older and has some hearing loss, she knows hand commands.  She’d do very well with a retiree; she loves being around her person constantly.  She’s very charming and walks great on a leash.  She is a fine traveler; she’ll nap without making a peep.  Mary Jane’s small size makes her an easy dog to snuggle with, something that she is very fond of doing.   

Foster Update: 9/18/12

Mary Jane is a very energetic 12-year-old girl.  She runs up and down the steps, walks a mile without turning a hair, and loves to be loved. She is a cuddler and likes to stay close to her people. We were told she knows hand signals due to her deafness and are working to find out what they are, since most people make up their own! We have a couple figured out, and she is very obedient when she knows what is being asked of her. She is a happy girl who loves to sleep cuddled up at night. Because she's rather small, she would be ideal for someone who just wants a Golden to love in a pint size package.  Mary Jane is a sweetheart and needs a loving family!


Foster Update: 11/29/12

Mary Jane is a super-sweet girl.   She is 12, but she acts much younger.  She is agile on the steps and jumps on the bed (if invited) easily. She has total hearing loss, but it doesn't hinder her. I am careful not to startle her when she is sleeping, and the other dogs have learned to give her a little more space, so she gets along just fine. She seems to take her cues from the other dogs, so a companion dog would be nice for her. She is extremely affectionate. Unless she is outside, she sticks close to me, liking a lot of petting and attention. I still talk to her, I can't help it, and she seems to read my face. She's very quiet, barking only when outside and ready to come in.  Mary Jane is slender and has a red beautiful coat. She has no health issues other than a little arthritis, which does not appear to be a problem for her. She would love her own family, who has lots of love to give to her!


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