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Gender: Male Age:  8 years old

Cody’s a relinquishment; his owners are divorcing and neither kept this super sweet Golden! It’s their loss, because this guy is happy and charming to boot! His fur appears as if he’s had a battle with fleas, and he may have hearing loss in one ear. He’s enjoys his outings with our volunteer walkers; he’s very interested in dogs and people, too. This tall Golden will be good company! If you cannot adopt him, consider sponsoring him.

 Foster Update: 10/30/12

Cody has had his stitches removed, his incision looks good and all restrictions have been lifted.  Yay!  Cody had a kidney removed due to cancer and the vet was pleased with the biopsy results, feeling Cody got the best report he could under the circumstances.  Cody has thyroid issues and this is being treated as well.  This is one sweetheart of a Golden and just needs a furever home where he will have lots of love and TLC!

Foster Update: 11/21/12

Cody has come a long way since intake and is healing nicely post surgery.  Nothing that he has been through these past couple of months has dampened his happy go lucky spirit and his ability to make me laugh.  He is very inquisitive and smart; knowing his cuess, but could use further reinforcement and consistency which I have been working on whenever possible. 

He does pull very hard on his leash when seeing other people, dogs or just starting out on his walks, but settles in at a good pace after a few minutes.  Everyone, two or four legged, is his friend and he can’t wait to greet them.  If near enough, he will also greet parked vehicles thinking that he’s going for a ride.  A gentle leader for walks would probably be a wise investment for this big boy.  Seeing him on his walks is a thing of beauty; he prances with that long stride of his and it is a joy to watch.

Cody plays very well on his own, either with his toys or with me, but I have to keep a toy handy for trade because he does mouth hands when he wants me to play.  He’s learning that my hand is not his chew toy, so for this reason children in the household would need to be older.  My grandchildren (13, 10 & 8 years old) love Cody and had fun “racing” with him when we had a decent day outside to play.  He was very good with them and didn’t try to jump up when he got excited, however, getting him to drop his ball for them to throw needs some work.  When he gets tired of playing he will roll over and let you rub his belly for as long as you will! 

I have crated him twice, when I first brought him home and right after surgery, but he has been very reluctant to go in since.  Good thing he is fully housetrained and has never had an accident in the house.   Cody doesn’t go to the back door or tell me when he needs to go, but paces and waits for me to ask if he needs to go outside, then he gets all excited and heads to the door.  He doesn’t linger much when outside either; getting his business done and races back in.

He can climb stairs easily, but doesn’t jump very well when he wants to get on the bed.  I’ve had to turn over my laundry basket to make a step up for him because I didn’t want to pick him up around the middle after his surgery.  He doesn’t have any problems getting into the van or on the couch, which is lower and he can just step up.

Cody has never bothered or attempted to chew any of my belongings such as slippers, clothing, plants, etc.  He does show great interest when I’m in the kitchen preparing food, but will go lay down when told.  He’s learning to take treats gently.

We haven’t had any thunderstorms since I’ve had him, however, he did well during all the rain that Hurricane Sandy subjected us to.  The high winds didn’t seem to bother him overly much, but he didn’t appreciate the fireworks that my town had over the week-end. 

Cody would like a forever home that would continue to teach him, cherish him and laugh at his funny ways.  Are you his?


Foster Update: 1/25/13

Cody has passed his four month post-op ultrasound, radiographs and blood work with flying colors and the surgeon is very pleased with how much better Cody looks and acts.  The technicians couldn’t believe he was the same dog that they had in their care just a short while ago and were thrilled that he is doing so well. 

For being in his middle years, Cody still has puppy-like qualities that are very endearing.  He is playful, gets excited for his daily walks and his playtime with me to help burn off his energy.  Afterward he is content and will lie down to snooze, get a belly rub, or to chew on a toy or his bones.  He recently learned how to roll the treat ball around the house and he doesn’t stop until the last treat has fallen out.  It didn’t take him long to pick up the concept of what it was about.

He is exploring more in the backyard and has shown signs of having a prey drive by chasing the squirrels as they run on top of the fence.  Thankfully for them, they are faster, but not by much.  He loved the snow we had earlier in the month, but didn’t make as many doggy angels as I thought he might.  He had more fun sticking his nose into the snow trying to sniff out whatever took his fancy or chasing down and eating the snowballs I made and threw for him.

Cody will bark if he hears a car door slamming near the house or if someone knocks on the door, however it’s really hard to look ferocious when barking with a chew toy in his mouth.   He makes me laugh when he does this because he looks so eager for someone to play for him it matters not if it’s a friend or foe.  He’s definitely more an alert dog than a guard dog which fits the personality of most goldens.  Guard dogs they are not.

Overall Cody has been a joy to foster.  He has a huge personality and the will to learn and experience new things, but loves routine as well.  This sweet boy should be adopted soon, so submit your application soon if you haven’t done so already.


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Foster Photos 11-19-2012:

cody12004 foster1

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