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My Special Sponsor:
    - Nora Wilcox and Molly, in memory of Paul Fortney
    - Deanna and Roy Stang, in memory of Lexi and Tyler the Irish kitty
Gender: Male  Age:  5-6 years old

 A G.R.I.N. makeover is in process!  This initially timid Golden boy is very thin and was an absolute mess.  He had fleas, skin issues, infected ears and eyes.  He’s been vetted, had a dental, will be groomed and well-fed!  With some weight, and once his skin issues clear, this boy will be handsome as can be!  He has been homeless; once he’s adopted and adjusts to having a family to call his own, his shyness will fade and his life will be turned around! 

 Foster Update: 10/23/12

Magnum is a very happy guy!  He's getting along very well with his foster brother and they were just out playing in the yard.  Poor Magnum was on his own for awhile and his skin and fur reflect that.  He is also very thin.  His foster mom is enjoying feeding him multiple small meals of good food to help him fill out.  Magnum is playful and sweet, but needed coaching by his foster brother to learn how to play with a toy.  He caught on quickly though and is enjoying all that life should offer: plenty of food, cool toys, a brother, and a warm, clean place to sleep.  

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.


magnum12020 1 

magnum12020 2

Foster Photos 11-19-2012:

magnum12020 foster1

magnum12020 foster2

Foster Photos 12/25/2012

magnum12020 foster3

magnum12020 foster4

magnum12020 foster5


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