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My Special Sponsors:
 - From Jennifer Roach for Tim, because we love our Andy so and miss our Noah so much.
Gender: Male  Age:  5 years old

Noah came in with his dad, Andy.  Their owner could not keep them any longer.  Noah is smaller and light red; he’s beautiful like dad!  True to his younger age, he’s energetic.   He is Lyme positive and is being treated.  He enjoys other dogs, but not cats.  We’d like to place Andy and Noah together if possible; they’re enjoying foster care together. 

  Foster Update: 10/30/12

Noah is a beautiful Golden with a very kind and loving spirit. He still plays like a puppy but is well behaved in the house. He does not get on the furniture or in bed yet but occasionally is overcome with love and tries to climb in your lap. He loves attention, likes children, people, and dogs. Your cat won't like him! He is house trained. He likes to chew Nylabones and Kong toys. He also loves his Dad Andy and they play like puppies together.


Foster Update: 11/27/12

Noah enjoyed Thanksgiving with an additional 18 family members of all ages. He loved everyone!  Even with the house filled with delicious aromas of turkey and ham, he never begged or stole from the little ones who carried food all through the house. Even the visiting Guinea Pigs were accepted as part of the family and not hunted or harmed. He still loves his toys but really likes to play with 6 to 8 year old boys who roll around on the floor with him!

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.

No Cats no cats


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