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 - From Non Golden Teddy and his 3 Golden brothers in remembrance of Jane Kuekings father, Paul Fortney.
Gender: Male  Age:  7 years old

Teddy is absolutely adorable.  He has tons of energy that belies his age.  He’s got tricks, too: our transporter shared that he loves to carry stuffed toys around, but is happy to share them.  And she added that he is way cuter in person!  He does need some training, but overall he’s a nice dog. 

Foster Update: 11/12/12

Teddy is a very handsome dog. His weight is perfect. He gets along with everyone, dogs, the cat, and anyone who comes to visit. He sometimes invades Mary Jane's space, something I attribute to her deafness, but she gives a little growl and he moves away. He is clearly a dog who has had little if any training, but he's smart and learns quickly, and an obedience class would probably turn him into a model dog. Teddy is quite high-energy. He would be great with a family who has time to exercise him a lot: walks, hikes, agility. He loves attention and is learning to cuddle. It appears that is new to him, sadly, but he now enjoys settling in beside me and keeping his head on me. He is a very good boy except for his toy-shredding behavior. No stuffed toys are safe from him! Teddy needs a loving family to give him some clear boundaries of behavior and love!



Foster Update: 11/29/12

Teddy is a seven-year-old who thinks he's still a puppy!   He is bursting with energy, and he loves to play. He's such a handsome dog, with red-gold, soft fur, and he's learning how to do a lot of new thing since he came here. It's clear he hasn't been trained, and he
needs a good obedience class, but he has learned sit (still working on stay), and best of all he's discovered that he likes hugs and lots of love!  He was a little stand-offish at first, and much of that is gone. He comes to me for attention many times a day. I think he has
spent a lot of time in a crate, because it seems familiar to him. I still crate him to leave the house because he isn't trustworthy. He likes to play with toys, but most end up in shreds. He and the resident Golden play frequently every day. Teddy is tall but slender. He has had ear problems in the past, which are under control now. He is extremely sweet in nature and he's learning to love people. I'm not sure how he was treated by others, but I do know if I raise my voice (there was a football game on TV) he runs from the room and cowers in a corner. I am keeping my voice down as not to scare him. He doesn't like the vacuum cleaner even if it isn't turned on. Teddy’s furever home would include frequent walks and lots of play. He likes children and adults, is indifferent to cats, and gets along well with other dogs. He is going to make some family a wonderful pet!

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.


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