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Gender: Female  Age:  1 year old

 Just ‘cause she’s one year old doesn’t mean she’s not puppy-like anymore!  Nope, Juniper is loaded with energy, energy and more energy.  This onetime stray will definitely appreciate training and guidance from her adopter and would do best as an only pet.  Walks and exercise will curb her liveliness, too.  Juniper is a sweet gal, loaded with charm and fun-loving spunk.

 Foster Update: 12/28/12

Juniper is very much a puppy!  She is working on housetraining as well as basic cues, especially “four on the floor” for petting and attention.  She likes her routine and will need some time to settle in to her new furever home. Juniper has proven to be a ‘water dog’, as she has hopped right into the bathtub when her foster mom was filing it!  She has been sleeping in the dog bed with the resident Golden and does sleep thru the night.  Juniper will need to attend obedience training with her new family to help start her off on the right path to becoming a good canine citizen!

Foster Update: 2/7/13

Juniper is doing very well.  She paces back and fourth in front of the door when she has to go out and has had no accidents in the house.  She loves to play with her foster sister, especially outside in the snow.  She is a puppy and does a lot of chewing but has not damaged any furniture or shoes but she does like the occasional nice smelly sock if you leave it on the floor for her!  She likes to keep a collection of chew toys near her dog bed in the living room: Kong toys, nylabones, ropes, balls, and others. She now has a habit of sleeping at the foot of the bed and sleeps thru the night. She is very loving and likes to be touching another dog or person all the time. She has the softest coat when petted.  She is crated when she has to be left alone in the house and does well with that.

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.

No cats  no cats and no dogs no dogs


Juniper meets Santa 12-7-2013:

juniper12026 foster3

New Photos 7-30-2013:

juniper12026 foster1

juniper12026 foster2


juniper12026 1 

juniper12026 2

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