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Gender: Male Age:  8 years old

When this sweet stray came in, his condition reflected his homelessness.  He had a UTI, ear and eye infections, and appeared to have arthritis.  He’s been treated and the meds are doing their thing, including Rimadyl for the arthritis.  While he was at our vet partners, it was noted that he’s extremely gentle and adorable.  His foster family thinks he’s a great dog and adds this: “His physical issues seem to be healing up nicely and I know that they said his X-rays showed arthritis, but boyfriend has loads of energy and isn't afraid to use it to wiggle and bounce around all over the place! Lol! He's quite spry for his age. He's a lover and will love anyone who pets him.” 


Foster Update: 12/28/12

Elliott has been with us for almost 2 weeks now and what a lover he is!  He was undoubtedly a "favorite" of the folks at WestPark when we picked him up.  He had lots of physical issues that he was being medicated for, but now he's pretty much all healed up and ready to go.  His eye healed up beautifully after the mass was removed from the lid and his stitches have been removed.  The eye infection has cleared up, he's worm free now, no longer smells like road kill and he's all recovered from being neutered!  His ears are still clearing up as they were badly infected.  He was estimated to be about 8 years old, but this boy has PLENTY of energy and does not act like a senior dog.  He goes up and down stairs with absolutely no problem and he can hop in and out of my truck like a young dog.  He likes to get up on the couch and chairs and LOVES to sit on his peoples' laps.  He is a complete lover with anybody and everybody and he's very Velcro. He will nudge your hand until you pet him, but he will settle down if you ignore him or tell him "no" or "down".  Elliott knows how to sit and lay down and walks PERFECTLY on a leash!  I've taken him for walks on the bike path and he walks in a perfect heel right by my side with a loop in the leash....very impressive!  His potty habits are impeccable!  He has never had an accident and always gets right down to business when I take him out to potty.   He rarely makes any barking or whining noises and he LOVES to snuggle with his people at night.  Elliott loves his ball and when he's excited he likes to have it in his mouth.  He's a very aggressive chewer, so soft rubber or stuffed toys are out of the question.  He's more of a harder ball, Kong toy, nylabone kind of guy.  Even though he loves to chew, he doesn't chew things lying around the house and can be trusted when his foster family is away at work He likes to sleep on pillows and will sleep by the front door on his pillow until we get home.  Elliott is beautiful with his shiny, silky dark red coat. He's the perfect size and weight, not too big and not too small at 73 pounds.  He's a good, very fast eater who has never been fed people food while he's been here and he doesn't beg at the table while we eat.  He will politely lay down by the table as we are eating, waiting for us to finish so that he can be petted and cuddled once again.  He was a perfect gentleman when I recently took him to the vet for his suture removal and booster shots and even the vet loved him.  He greeted other dogs in the waiting room with a friendly, wagging tail and went nose to nose with several others dogs without a problem at all.  He happily greeted every person who came in and I'm convinced that he thought they were all coming in to see him.  If you love a happy, wiggly, smiling, Velcro well behaved Golden, Elliott is your guy!

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.


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