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Gender: Female  Age:  5 years old

fenceschoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.

 Another Golden that is really in search of a true home.  Bonnie and pal, Toby, came from a breeder; they were kept in a small kennel outdoors.  Obviously they’re both beautiful, but were never been treated as pets.  This gold furred girl loves belly rubs and treats, and she appeared to be very fond of a young boy at the relinquisher’s home.  With training, guidance and affection, Bonnie will quickly understand that her role in life has changed!

Foster Update: 7/6/13

Bonnie is beautiful!   Her coat is shiny and soft; her bright eyes are pools of warm chocolate.    She is a very sweet, friendly and affectionate girl.  This little lady (60 lbs.) loves treats and will sit on command and “speak” for a cookie.  She will “go potty” when asked.  She loves kids. She enjoys other dogs, as long as there are no toys.  She loves to cuddle and be petted.   Bonnie has lots of energy and loves to run.    She comes when called and knows some words and cues.  She is like velcro to her foster mom, but has shown progress in her foster home over the past two months.  She loves to frolic outdoors and frequently takes a gallop around the yard.  She also enjoys fetching and playing with her ball.  She is very comfortable in her crate at night.  Bonnie needs a fenced in environment and would benefit from obedience training.

 Bonnie 9-14-2013:

bonnie12030 greet2

Intake 12-12-2012:

bonnie12030 1 

bonnie12030 2

Foster Photo 7/5/2013:

bonnie12030 foster1

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