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Gender: Male  Age:  10 years old

Ok, folks, get your hankies ready.  Edgar is one of the reasons we are in the rescue business.  This poor boy was left outside a county shelter one cold dreary night.  He’s anemic, has tapeworms, and is emaciated—it’s estimated that he’s twenty to thirty pounds underweight.  He also has dermatitis and mild hip dysplasia.  Perhaps his owner fell on hard times; there’s no rhyme or reason why they might have ditched him.  You see, Edgar has a lovely personality; he’s super affectionate, gentle, Velcro-like and happy-go-lucky.  He’s a prancer on walks - strutting his stuff – and he’s energetic for his age.   He’s an all-around wonderful Golden boy.

Foster Update: 2/8/13

Edgar is adjusting well.  He is a tall handsome boy and is so full of excitement! He plays non-stop until bedtime. You would never guess he's 10 years old!!  He is very mouthy when he gets excited but we are working on that.  He enjoys his walks but likes to constantly turn around and make sure I am right behind him.  He doesn't like to walk in a straight line though. He likes to check out all four directions even though we are only going in one direction!  He is eating well and gets so excited during "mealtime". He should definitely be gaining some much needed weight! He takes his treats gently.  Edgar loves his toys. He is a pro at retrieving but his favorite game is tug-of-war…he won’t stop until he wins!!!


Foster Update: 4/8/13

Edgar or Eddie as he is called has settled in nicely to his foster home.  He absolutely loves his food and has gained about 20 pounds since he first came to stay with us!  He is so full of energy but was quick to adjust to our routine. He makes me laugh when we get home because most dogs are so excited to see you they start jumping all over the place, but it takes Eddie a little longer to "wake up". He always lies at the main door waiting for us to come home, and then when he sees us he looks like he's mad that we were gone, but once we walk in and say hi, he waits for his hugs and then starts jumping all around. He also likes to help me clean!  Every time I am vacuuming, he darts all over the room picking up his toys to "save" them from being devoured by the vacuum cleaner. He even barked at me once when I got a little too close to sucking up his toy…he's such a hoot!He loves teasing the resident dog because he knows that's the only way to get her to play with him. If she is lying around he will swat at her tail and poke her with his paw to instigate a "play session". Then he runs away from her when she starts chasing him…I just love watching them play!  Eddie would love another dog in his furever home to play with him.

Eddie is still working on his leash manners.  He listens well and is eager to please.  Eddie just wants to be loved!  Will you be the one to open your hearts and home to him?


fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.


edgar12040 1 

edgar12040 2

Foster Photos 4-6-2013:

edgar12040 foster1

edgar12040 foster2

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