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On Hold!- New Update & New Photos!
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Gender: Male  Age:  7 years old

Another special rescue story! Miyagi came to GRIN from an extraordinary organization called Youngstown Dogs Surviving the Streets, a group that rescues stray and abandoned dogs from the streets of Youngstown, Ohio. They bring stray dogs to safety, then contact rescues to help with their care and re-homing. We were presented with the opportunity to take in Miyagi, who had been running the streets for approximately two to three years with a pack of Goldens, and we were able to answer a definitive ‘yes’ thanks to our valued trainer who stepped to the plate and agreed to foster, train and socialize this terrified dog – no small task given his fear level. He had a full medical work-up (he was heartworm negative, good news!).  After just one week, Miyagi is progressing—he is eating and has been creeping out of his crate into the kennel run and patio, even when people are around!  Miyagi has a long way to go, but GRIN is committed to providing him with the care and support he needs!  We will continue to keep you updated on his progress.  It is only through the support of our volunteers and donors that make all of this possible.  And a big thank you to Youngstown Dogs Surviving the Streets for entrusting Miyagi into our care. Thank you!

Foster Update: 12/28/16

This boy has come so far since coming into GRIN's care!  He has made huge strides since moving to his foster home. He loves to snuggle with his people on the couch, enjoys brushing, petting, and going for walks. He plays with the resident dog(check out his video on the GRIN Facebook page).

We are looking for a special home for this special boy!  A traditional fence is a must.  Miyagi needs to be in a home with another dog; one that is confident and friendly.  Any potential adopter has to fully understand he will need time to adjust and settle into his new home.  

Foster Update: 11/4/16

Miyagi continues to blossom in his foster home. He still has fear issues and may always have them but he has come a long, long way. He enjoys going for walks, loves attention, and gets along well with other dogs. GRIN is looking for a perfect home for Miyagi: an experienced dog owner who will meet him where he is and be willing to show patience and shower him with lots of love. A home with a confident dog would really help in his progress. A traditional fence is a must for this sweet boy!

Foster Update: 7/27/16

Miyagi moved to a foster home in June and is making remarkable progress.  Foster mom is taking him for walks off the property to expose him to new sights, sounds and people.  He is exploring the house on his own and taking treats from mom's hand. Miyagi quickly figured out how comfortable the couch can be and spends a lot of time there relaxing with his canine housemates.  These are all huge steps that will set him up for a successful adoption!

Update: 5/17/16

Miyagi has made significant strides since coming into GRIN's care.  He has been with GRIN's trainer for nearly a year and has come as far as he can in his current environment.  Miyagi is ready to take the next step and move to a foster home so that he can continue to make forward progress.  
This gentle dog and loves to be petted, brushed and go for walks.  
Miyagi needs a quiet place with somebody who is willing to work patiently with him while he continues to gain confidence.  Traditional fencing, preferably board on board, is a must. If you would like additional information or are interested in fostering Miyagi please email us at vicepresident@grinrescue.org.

Update 9/29/15

Significant strides have been made with Miyagi, the trainer is able to pet him, feed him treats and most recently put a leash on and walk him throughout the kennel buildings. As you can see from the pictures he is frightened however does go along willingly. Each seemingly small step is huge given his lack of socialization. GRIN is committed to doing what it takes to ensure a successful and happy life for this boy! 

Update: 6/25/15

Miyagi continues to make slow but steady progress.  He is allowing the trainer to pet him & is taking biscuits from the assess a hand (training tool).  Although he remains very frightened, we see him gaining more confidence each day.  GRIN will ensure he is getting everything he needs to be successful! 

fence schoolbusNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training.


Foster Photo 10-23-2016:

miyagi14087 foster16

Foster Photos 8-30-2016:

miyagi14087 foster12

miyagi14087 foster13

miyagi14087 foster14

miyagi14087 foster15

Foster Photo 7-23-2016: 

miyagi14087 foster11

Foster Photos 6-29-2016:

miyagi14087 foster7

miyagi14087 foster8

miyagi14087 foster9

miyagi14087 foster10

New Photo 11-9-2015

miyagi14087 foster6

New Photos 10-17-2015:

miyagi14087 foster4

miyagi14087 foster5

Foster Photo 9-29-2015:

miyagi14087 foster3

Foster Photo 6-25-2015:

miyagi14087 foster2

Foster Photo 6-9-2015:

miyagi14087 foster1

Photos (Courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/pages/Youngstown-Dogs-Surviving-the-Streets/172569426236079?fref=ts)

miyagi14087 1 

miygai14087 2


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