God saw that you were getting tired,
And your cure was not meant to be.
So He put His arms around you
And whispered, "Come with me."
A Golden heart stopped beating,
Adoring eyes went to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove
He only takes the best.
- Carol Aberst


If you're a G.R.I.N. member or had a G.R.I.N. dog and would like to submit your tribute for this page, send your story, along with pictures to:


Rainbow Bridge Tributes

P.O. Box 24365

Cleveland, OH 44124

or email them to: Rainbow Bridge

Please include a SASE if you'd like your pictures returned

If you would like a printable copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem, please click on the following link: Rainbow Bridge Poem

We all know there comes a time when our faithful and beloved companions must cross the Rainbow Bridge. The following are tributes to these wonderful creatures.

Dec 14
Last Updated on 05 December 2014

We are approaching the first anniversary of the date our beloved Golden, Biscuit, passed away—October 13, 2013. We received Biscuit, then known as Seinfeld, on July 29, 2007, from you. We were to be first time foster parents. He was a stray, found in Stark County.  How could such a large, hairy dog crawl into our hearts so quickly! GRIN lost another foster family, and we adopted Biscuit.

Read more: Biscuit

Nov 14
Last Updated on 11 November 2014

It saddens me to write that Roxy Bash has crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon.  Roxy was a former foster of mine.  She came into GRIN back in 2008 with her sister, Lexi. 

Read more: Roxy

Nov 14
Last Updated on 07 November 2014

DELFING, CIDER Crossed over to the rainbow bridge on Nov. 6th, 2014. CIDER was rescued by Golden Retrievers In Need rescue service and found her fur ever home with the Delfings on October 11th, 2008.

Read more: Cider

Sep 14
Last Updated on 30 September 2014

I was at work 4 yrs ago and a mass email came out saying GRIN needed foster homes BAD.  I went to the website and seen him "HANK".  I immediately called and said "can I foster Hank?"  There was something deep in his eyes that spoke to me.  Then the call to my husband, Jack came and I had to talk him into getting a foster dog.

Read more: Hank

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