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Gender: Male  Age:  7 years old

Rocco’s owner had to relinquish him and Shelby; she was forced to move and could not take them.  Rocco is a lover, but is stressed a bit right now; he rarely left his owner’s home.  Rocco’s a reddish Golden and is one big boy – 103 lbs. – a diet is necessary!  He does have arthritis in one front leg; he’s never had to do more than two stairs, so a home with many will be too challenging.  He’s going to need a fence; he’s deaf and will not hear when called.  Rocco’s an alpha, so he’ll only do well with a submissive dog.  We recommend that due to his size and hearing impairment that he’s in a home with older kids only.


Foster Update: 5/8/12

Rocco is such a sweet boy. It is very fun to watch his interactions with his sister and resident dogs. You would never know that he can't hear as he instinctively knows when to come or go to bed.  He has a very playful side to him. He does take medicine thyroid and glucosamine for mild arthritis, however, you would not know it from the way he follows his foster mom everywhere and does very well on the stairs. He likes nylabones, stuffed toys and playing withShelby!

Foster Update: 5/31/12

Please keep a soft spot in your heart for our precious Rocco. His home was lost due to financial disaster.  He then lost his beagle sibling when he and his sister came to G.R.I.N.  His sister was recently adopted and Rocco was left behind. Despite these hardships he has proven himself resilient. He is very loving, a great companion, rarely barks, and gives very gentle kisses. He loves children and people. He did not even try to take food from the 3yr old visitors this week. He does not chew shoes, or take items off the floor that don't belong to him. He loves the resident dogs but is curious about the cats. Please meet Rocco; everyone thinks he is handsome and sweet. You won't be able to resist him!

fence Needs to have a fenced environment.


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