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Ready to become a foster?

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G.R.I.N. brings in goldens from many situations - abandonment, relinquishment or rescue from a shelter. Each dog, regardless of their background and history, needs to be evaluated by a G.R.I.N. volunteer to ensure proper placement with a forever family. This is where our foster program comes in! In addition to evaluating the dog, we will also ask you to help us match the golden with a permanent home. Below is a brief outline of what we expect from our foster homes.

Foster Home Responsibilities:

  • Provide a loving home for rescued goldens
  • Provide for the dog's needs such as food, shelter and basic care
  • Evaluate the golden's temperament
  • If needed, begin teaching basic obedience commands
  • If necessary, schedule and attend veterinary appointments
  • Assist with the adoption process, talking to and meeting with potential applicants
  • Facilitate and complete adoption


The amount of dogs we bring in is contingent upon the availablity of our foster homes. The more homes we have, the more dogs we can rescue.

We recognize that without foster homes, G.R.I.N. could not survive. We are glad to give our foster families the first option to adopt their foster dog.

Please note: You MUST be 21 years or older to apply for fostering and live within our adoption area. See map in Adoption Area Map (DOC) or Adoption Area Map (PDF) bishopabby

Foster Applications:

Online Application - Prefered Method of Submitting Your Application, please select FOSTERING for the application type when requested.

Foster Application(PDF) Format Please Complete and either mail to: G.R.I.N. Fostering Program, P. O. Box 24365, Cleveland, OH 44124.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing. You may also request an application by sending an email to our Internet Correspondent. Any questions about your application should be called in to the G.R.I.N. hotline at (216) 229-0295. Please note that G.R.I.N. can only accept foster applications from NE Ohio residents. Thank you for your interest!


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