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Last Updated on 26 March 2012

by Nancy W.

Zildgen had a Halloween bandana around his neck as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. 

It was very peaceful.  I held his head and whispered to him.  He made no sound.  His eyes prior to this had said to me "Can you help me?"

As we were driving to the vet's office, I thought about how humans must endure this until the last gasp.  Zildgen had lost weight, was having trouble breathing and really was at the last of his strength to get up and down.  But, he was a game guy.  I gave him snacks, and special food.  He did not like the breath freshener biscuits I bought.  He did love the steak.

He was a real blessing to our home.  He was the first dog allowed to sleep in our bedroom.  We still trip over holes he dug in the backyard.  We got him to say please when he wanted a treat - which then got him to say please many, many times!  He went to a concert where my husband showed him off saying that he could add.  He would give him a problem and wait to give him the treat until he barked the right number of times.
He was our blessing here.  We thank you for saving his life and giving him to us so that he could have 3 more years - which I hope were quality.

We feel like he has always been with us.  Thank you for helping me grieve.  All of my G.R.I.N. dogs have been special.  In honor of Zildgen we will work now with Abner who presents some very different challenges.

October 8, 2007

Fun Photo of the Week

Sebrasky Piper5 WebLet's Play Ball!

What golden doesn't love to chase and play with tennis balls?  Well this is Piper Sebrasky and she is demonstrating how well she can catch a tennis ball.  Nice going Piper.  This fun photo was sent in by her mom, Chris Sebrasky who is our intake coordinator.

 If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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