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  On Hold!  Available for Sponsorship   Gender: Male  Age:  9 months old  
  Adoption pending! My Special Sponsors:     - Nora Wilcox
    - Pamela Farr
Gender: Female  Age:  12 years old      
  On Hold!  My Special Sponsors:    - Special friends at www.Blanketsfurbeasties.com
   - Gail Goodman
   - Jim and Diane Brooks, in memory of Tanner Kime
   - Dave and Sherry Vanderneut Gender: Female  Age:  11-13 years old    
  Available for adoption- PAIR with Cheyenne- Update & New Photos! My Special Sponsors:    - Elsa Cave, in honor of Aunt Denice (Osborne) for holding Reilly's paw while at the vet hospital. Gender: Male  Age:  11 years old  
  Available for adoption -Update! My Special Sponsors:    - Michelle Gole, in memory of Camden Spisak who was greeted by the Golepack at the Rainbow Bridge
   - Maude Proper
Gender: Male  Age:  11 years old  
  Available for adoption - New Update &  New Photos! My Special Sponsors:    - Carlene Williams, in loving memory of my Bella Gender: Male  Age:  8.5 years old    
  Available for adoption -Update & New Photo! My Special Sponsors:   - Joe Kohut, in memory of Lady, Cassie and Chloe, the Golden Kohuts
 - Cassandra Wessel
 - Richard and Vaun Billman, in honor of Abby, our beautiful G.R.I.N. Senior.
 - In memory of Eli Kreider, with love from the Russell gang
 - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Janice Memegay's father
Gender: Male  Age:  10-12 years old  
  Adopted! My Special Sponsors:    - Dave and Sherry Vanderneut Gender: Male  Age:  9-10 years old     

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Aug 08
Last Updated on 06 April 2010

Dear Friends from G.R.I.N.,

On October 11, 2001 I turned 40 years old, and received the best gift ever. His name was Luke.

Lukie was with us for almost 7 years.luke080708_2

We adopted him from G.R.I.N.. I want to thank Kim and Paul Jenkins for being such wonderful foster parents, and also their dog, Jake, who was so very patient with that young barking machine. We appreciate Kim for keeping in touch throughout Lukes time with us.

Lukie became family at our first meeting. He fit right into the Wolf household. Loving my two girls and giving my husband, Dave and I such joy. He was a remarkable dog. He followed me everywhere. He knew every feeling I had, happy, sad, or mad. He patrolled our house outside, and knew when to hit the neighbor up for a treat. All the neighbors loved him and welcomed him when we came around. Three years ago, we brought home an eight week old golden puppy, we named Jake. Luke and him became great companions. And Jake had the best teacher he could ever imagine.


luke080708_1Sadly, on August 2, 2008 Luke passed away. I would like to thank all

of you who sent cards and thought of us when we found of Luke’s

Lymphoma. And for the cards of sympathy. I also want to thank G.R.I.N.

for giving us this boy who brought such joy and love into our lives. We

miss him so very much.



The Wolf Family – Dave, Cathy, Leah and Megan

Fun Photo of the Week

Jonah and Lucy Grace Berigan fun photo

Lovin' the Snow in Cleveland!

These two beautiful goldens out having fun in the snow are Jonah and Lucy Grace Berigan.  Jonah (fka Chopper) was adopted in early February and Lucy Grace was adopted last May.  These two lucky G.R.I.N. goldens have found their forever homes and we couldn't be happier.  This photo was sent in by their proud mom, Sr. Mary Berigan.  Please consider adopting a senior golden!

 If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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