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  Adoption pending! My Special Sponsors:   - Barry and Valarie Wawrin, Three Dogs Snoring
  - Susie Harlan, in memory of Nancy Chase and her many contributions to G.R.I.N. and the Golden's she loved.
  - Fred and Jean Byrd
  - Joseph Frankine
Gender: Male  Age:  1-2 years old  
  Available after 1/13 - Update! My Special Sponsors:    - Carlene Williams, For the love of my girls Bella, Gracie, Zoie and Caoimhe
   - Al and Anna Dahlausen, in memory of Blake
Gender: Male  Age:  6-8 years old  
  On Hold! New Photo! My Special Sponsors:     - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Miss Lillian Osborne Gender: Male  Age:  1-2 years old  
  On Hold - New Photo!  My Special Sponsors:   - Joe Kohut, in memory of Lady, Cassie and Chloe, the Golden Kohuts
 - Cassandra Wessel
 - Richard and Vaun Billman, in honor of Abby, our beautiful G.R.I.N. Senior.
 - In memory of Eli Kreider, with love from the Russell gang
 - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Janice Memegay's father
Gender: Male  Age:  10-12 years old  
  Available for adoption - Update & New Photo!  My Special Sponsors:    - Dave and Sherry Vanderneut
   - Rich Walters, as a special Christmas gift to Becky Loas
Gender: Female  Age:  10 months old  
  Available for adoption -Update! My Special Sponsors:     - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Jasper and in honor of Keith, Marty and Abby Boyle
    - Janet Sherman
    - Chad Wells, in memory of my loving Charlotte Anne 9/1/14
Gender: Female  Age:  9 years old  
  Available for adoption- Update & YouTube Video & Photo! My Special Sponsors:   - Charlene Hartson
  - Donna and Manohar Asnani in memory of Camden and in honor of Bob and Susan Spisak
Gender: Male  Age:  1 year old  
  Available for adoption- Update & New Photo!  My Special Sponsors:     - In gratitude for all who help those who cannot
speak for themselves.  The Golepack
    - Richard and Vaun Billman
    - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Missy Madden
Gender: Female  Age:  7-10 years old  

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Apr 12
Last Updated on 14 December 2014

joseph14081 1This sweet Golden boy is Joseph.  He was found as a stray and taken to a shelter.  He appears to be blind and very thin and in need of a little TLC.  Joseph is looking for his special new forever home and we will make sure that we take care of him and find the right home for him.   You can read about this golden and all of our goldens who are waiting on their forever homes on our Available Goldens pages.  If you can't adopt or foster a golden with G.R.I.N., but would like to help one (or more) of our rescued goldens, you can help us by becoming a sponsor of one or more of these rescued golden beauties!  As you look through our pages of "Available Goldens", you will see that many are sponsored but these goldens still have NO ONE to sponsor them and we need your help:    Thank you for sponsoring our goldens, please consider sponsoring one!  We are asking for your help!  Our goal is to have all of our goldens sponsored with one or more sponsors.  A "Golden Sponsorship" is easy and a great way to help some very deserving goldens.  Here's how to become a sponsor.

Read more: Golden Sponsorships- How You Can Help!

Mar 12
Last Updated on 30 November 2014

2015 1 CoverCan you believe it, 2015 is almost here!!  Don't be without your new G.R.I.N. Calendar This beautiful, full color 9 X 12 calendar is filled with photos of G.R.I.N. member’s furry friends.  For your donation of $15.00 for each non-mailed calendar;  $17.24 for each calendar (includes shipping), these calendars will make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays or just every day use to hang in your home or your office.  Why not order a few for those hard to buy for friends and family members.  Calendars can be mailed to you, or we can mail them on your behalf and enclose a gift card, if requested.    If you prefer to order your calendar(s) by mail and send in a check, click here here for a mail in order form.  All Pre-orders have been filled and are in the mail, if requested, or ready for pickup at the requested location on your order.

Read more: G.R.I.N. 2015 Calendars - Make great gifts!

Nov 14
Last Updated on 30 November 2014

Senior GoldensDid you know that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month?  Here at G.R.I.N. we have a number of seniors that are looking for their fur-ever home. Therefore, now through the end of December, G.R.I.N. will waive the senior adoption fee, so that these special Goldens can find a home for the holidays! There are so many reasons to adopt one of these sugar faced pups, here are just a few:


- They are housebroken and well behaved
- Require significantly less exercise and stimulation
- They make excellent therapy dogs!
- They have a lot of love to give

Adopting a senior dog is a wonderful and rewarding experience. These dogs will give back more than you can ever imagine! If you are willing to give an old dog a second chance at life and meet our adoption criteria we would like to talk to you. Please email our Adoption Coordinator at adoption@grinrescue.org

Nov 14
Last Updated on 08 November 2014

An Urgent Plea to Ohio Residents:

Ohio laws are so weak that punishment for cases of companion animal abuse and neglect are nothing more than a slap on the wrist. House Bill 274, or "Goddard's Law," continues to languish in the Ohio Senate. While the reasons behind the Senate's resistance is unclear, they have promised to hold hearings after the November elections. Passing this bill would make it a felony on the first offense to knowingly cause physical harm to a companion animal. People who do such things must be called to account for them.

Read more: House Bill 274 (Goddard's Law)

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Fun Photo of the Week

Kearns Rommie1 Web

Have you seen my tennis ball?

This fun photo of Rommie Kearns was sent in by her mom, Michele of Rommie out playing with her tennis ball in the snow.  Maybe Roomie is looking for Santa so she can make sure she gets the new tennis ball he leaves for her!  After all, she has been a very good girl!

 If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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