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  Available for adoption- New Update, New Photos & YouTube Video! My Special Sponsors:    - Kimberly White, in memory of our guy Horty
   - Joe Mercer, in loving memory of Elizabeth O'Brien Gender: Male  Age:  2 years old
    Available for adoption-Pair w/ Emma- New Photos! My Special Sponsors:
   - We hope you find your forever home soon!  Love, Sabine and Bayli Beatenhead
   - Greg Cannedy and Allen Clutter Gender: Male  Age:  9 years old
  On Hold! My Special Sponsors:   - Don and Christine Howlett
  - Vickie Smith
  - Karen Hardy, in memory of my sweet Emmy
  - Emily Kraus
  - Donna Smith, in memory of my beloved Copper who passed away in 2009
  - Judy Gaetje, in memory of my old man, Red.  May you find your loving home soon!
  - Lori Zeisloft
  - Denise and Gunnar Nims
  - Charlene Hartson
  - Lisa Wiece
  - Linda Young, in honor of my golden Moses
Gender: Male  Age:  10 years old      
  Available for adoption- Pair w/ Katie-New Photo! My Special Sponsors:   - Nora Wilcox
  - Linda Young, in memory of my golden, Moses
  - Charlene Hartson
  - Lisa Gerrety Sulouff, in memory of beloved Sadie and Jackson
  - Barbara Eifel
  - Hugh Burkons
  - Dave and Sherry Vanderneut, in memory of Mr. Darcy, a true gentleman.
  - Linda Marsh
  - Darrin and Stephanie Kuczynski
  - Karthikeyan Shanmugavadivelan

Gender: Male  Age:  12 years old  
  On Hold!-Update & New Photos! My Special Sponsors:  - Denise and Gunnar Nims Gender: Male  Age:  3 years old
  Available for adoption-Pair w/ Buddy-New Photos!  My Special Sponsors:
   - We hope you find your forever home soon!  Love, Sabine and Bayli Beatenhead
   - Praying you find a forever loving home like we have.  Ella, Emma, Sunny and Aly Gonzalez and their mom Laura
   - Greg Cannedy and Allen Clutter
Gender: Female  Age:  11 years old
  On Hold!-Update & New Photo! My Special Sponsors:  - Denise and Gunnar Nims
 - Cassandra Wessel
 - Susan Erickson, in loving memory of Zoey
 - Charlene Hartson
 - Kenneth Fox
Gender: Male  Age:  8-10 years old     
  On Hold! New Photo! My Special Sponsors:   - Lennie, Jane and Wrigley, In honor of Miss Molly and her Mom, Nora Wilcox
  - Kristin Kiester
  - Shelley Griffin, thank you to Debi Herrmann for all you do for our furry friends xoxoxox
  - Shawn Rossi, with love
  - Chrissy and Tom Starck
  - Steven Fleming
Gender: Female  Age:  10 months old   

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Aug 16
Last Updated on 15 August 2016

Operation BuckeyeFor hundreds of years, homeless dogs have been a part of the Turkish environment. Estimates for the numbers of street and shelter dogs in Istanbul alone vary greatly – anywhere from 50,000-100,000. Among these dogs, approximately 500-1000 are abandoned Golden Retrievers. A concerned American living in Istanbul noticed all the Goldens running the streets and in municipal shelters and contacted Adopt A Golden of Atlanta (AGA) asking for help. In tandem, they worked to implement the rescue of these Goldens. The first flight arrived on May 9, 2015, and was the largest international rescue of Golden Retrievers ever. 

GRIN, just like many other Golden rescues in the country, has seen a steady decline over the last several years in the number of dogs being surrendered. At the same time, the number of families willing to open up their homes and their hearts to this wonderful breed has not declined. Learning that there were so many Goldens waiting for their turn to come to America, GRIN reached out to AGA to help in the effort. To date there are over thirty rescue organizations in America involved and over 500 unwanted, abused, neglected and displaced Golden Retrievers from Turkey have been placed in loving, permanent homes here in America.

Read more: Operation Buckeye Update: Phase 2

Aug 16
Last Updated on 09 August 2016

You've seen them at GRIN fundraising events. Now you can order your own or gift a custom Garden Stone! Please visit the order form below to get yours scheduled!


Read more: Garden Stone Order Forms

Aug 16
Last Updated on 09 August 2016
Open AdoptionsWe are hosting "Open Adoptions" at our remaining events this year to fund our rescue of 8 Turkey dogs at the end of September and other opportunities to save Golden Retrievers.   These long distance efforts will not impact our commitment to the Goldens within our service area who are in need of our help. All of the Golden Rescues in the US are faced with more adopters willing to open their hearts and homes to a rescued Golden then Goldens who are available. We believe "Love has no borders" and every Golden regardless of age or condition are deserving of a second chance in life.

Read more: Open Adoptions

Apr 14
Last Updated on 07 September 2014

AmazonWe are proud to announce that G.R.I.N. is now a member of the AmazonSmile Foundation. You can login to shop on Amazon with your same username and password. The AmazonSmile Foundation will then donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. In order to purchase through AmazonSmile, please click on the the AmazonSmile link and make it your new favorite when purchasing at Amazon! http://smile.amazon.com/ch/34-1712705

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Fun Photo of the Week

Forrest Bing Akron Home flower 2017Akron Home and Flower Show

GRIN was again at this year's Akron Home and Flower Show and these two goldens, Forrest and Bing, worked hard for GRIN.  Thank you to all those who made this event again a huge success!

If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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