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    Available for adoption-Pair w/ Emma- New Photos! My Special Sponsors:
   - We hope you find your forever home soon!  Love, Sabine and Bayli Beatenhead
   - Greg Cannedy and Allen Clutter Gender: Male  Age:  9 years old
  On Hold!-Update & New Photos! My Special Sponsors:  - Denise and Gunnar Nims Gender: Male  Age:  3 years old
  Available for adoption- Pair w/ Katie-New Photo! My Special Sponsors:   - Nora Wilcox
  - Linda Young, in memory of my golden, Moses
  - Charlene Hartson
  - Lisa Gerrety Sulouff, in memory of beloved Sadie and Jackson
  - Barbara Eifel
  - Hugh Burkons
  - Dave and Sherry Vanderneut, in memory of Mr. Darcy, a true gentleman.
  - Linda Marsh
  - Darrin and Stephanie Kuczynski
  - Karthikeyan Shanmugavadivelan

Gender: Male  Age:  12 years old  
  Adoption pending! My Special Sponsors:    - Theresa Waltos-Hawranko, in loving memory of my beautiful Jenna Gender: Female  Age:  1.5 years old     
  On Hold! New Photo!
My Special Sponsors: Kathy Altieri, in memory of my sweet Patsy girl; Don and Christine Howlett; Brianne Skaros; Eva Hughes; Donna Sadlik; Elizabeth Driscoll; Lori Hendershot, get well little guy!; Rose Nolan, Wags-Molly; Alyssa Franceschelli, in memory of my fluffy, Gino; Denise Nims, in memory of the Nims boys Ollie, Stan, Sam and Gus and in honor of Gunnar, my best friend; Joe and Nancy Bair, in honor of Samson; Steve and Shellie Arms in honor of their two GRIN pups, Bella and Beau; Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Chaser and Danny; Carla Addison Higgins; Linda Kozlowski, in memory of our Kali, Sam, and Emme; Bonnie Balzer; Zack Endrai
Gender: Male  Age:  5 months old    
  On Hold! New Update! My Special Sponsors:    - Jan Russell, in memory of our faithful friend and companion, Buddy
   - Ginny Backus Gender: Male  Age:  3 years old
  On Hold!-New Update & New Photo! My Special Sponsors:  - Denise and Gunnar Nims
 - Cassandra Wessel
 - Susan Erickson, in loving memory of Zoey
 - Charlene Hartson
 - Kenneth Fox
Gender: Male  Age:  8-10 years old     
  Adoption pending!  My Special Sponsors:    - Bettina Holzer, we pray that you will find your forever loving home.  In memory of our Charlie.
  - Denise and Gunnar Nims
Gender: Female  Age:  8 years old      

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Feb 17
Last Updated on 07 February 2017

Molly1Molly came into GRIN a couple of weeks ago in need of significant medical care. She has been diagnosed with ectopic ureter; a congenital malformation since birth which causes the ureter(s) to open in abnormal locations causing incontinence or leaking.

We are happy to report Molly received the surgery she so desperately needed this week at OSU. Although this will be a long road we are happy to report she is recovering nicely in the loving care of her foster family.

Those of you who remember GRIN dog Missy (Princess Missy) thisMolly2 is the same condition she had upon coming into GRIN's care. As fate would have it, Molly and Missy were both in the waiting room at OSU at the same time this week and were able to meet!

GRIN continues to welcome dogs into our care that in many cases require extensive medical care such as Molly. GRIN is a charitable organization and operates solely on donations, membership dues and fundraising efforts. Please click on the Paypal link in top left corner of our website  if you are interested in donating to offset Molly's medical expenses. We remain grateful to our loyal membership, volunteers and supporters who make all of this possible.

Jan 17
Last Updated on 13 January 2017

GRIN 25thAnniversary LogoIn 1992, a group of Golden Retriever enthusiasts who had the foresight to see the need for rehoming unwanted Golden Retrievers incorporated Golden Retrievers In Need Rescue service as a 501C3 non-profit organization.  They were truly the forerunners of rescue since back in the ‘90’s, rescue was not a common practice.  We are excited to share that 2017 marks GRIN’s 25th year of rescue; saving well over 3,000 homeless Goldens.  Marking 25 years is a milestone which everyone should be proud of.  Together, we can do anything and we do!  We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in a variety of ways from a very special Golden Gala celebration you won’t want to miss, to custom anniversary bling to GRIN window clings and other anniversary memorabilia throughout 2017.

Read more: Where were you in '92?

Aug 13
Last Updated on 17 September 2016

adoptmePlease support G.R.I.N. with your order of a G.R.I.N. 2017 25th Anniversary Calendar.  They also make great gifts for that special friend or family member for any occasion. 

You can order your calendars online and include your donation for your calendar by paypal.  If you would like to pay by check please contact vicepresident@grinrescue.org and we will send you an order form. 

Read more: G.R.I.N. Calendars

Dec 16
Last Updated on 26 December 2016

To all,
We have removed the restriction for access to the G.R.I.N. Newsletters, the newsletters are now publicly available. To access the newsletters, click on the G.R.I.N. Newsletter link under the Member Resources menu.

With this change we have removed the ability to create an account on the website, members that have created an account in the past no longer have to log in. Please be aware that we will be removing all non-volunteer accounts for the website as they are no longer needed.  Thank you.

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Fun Photo of the Week

codykoenig funphotosmallSpring is only a few weeks away!

This beautiful golden is Cody Koenig.  Cody is an agility champion winning numerous awards and loves to be outside and to run, run, run.  His second favorite pastime is tennis balls.  He is reminding you to get outside with your golden and enjoy this beautiful weather!

If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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