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  Available for adoption  My Special Sponsors:  - Grandma and Grandpa Stewart, in loving memory of Johnny, beloved golden of Carrie Stewart Gender: Male  Age:  15 months  
  Available after 4/30 - New Photos! My Special Sponsors:  - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in honor of Carrie Heavrin and in memory of Ponto Gender: Female  Age:  8 years old  
  Adoption pending! My Special Sponsors: - The Edwards family, in memory of Button 
- Larry Crouch, Sr.
- Don and Amy Bluedorn, In Memory of Shania
(former G.R.I.N. girl). . . may all Senior dogs get their 2nd chance. . .
- Judith Snyder, im memory of Bella, my beautiful girl who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 29, 2012. 
- Wade and Lisa Gossett
- Ed and Bernie Juchnowski
- Byron Olexa
- Heidi Sandrov Gender: Male  Age:  12 years old     
  Available for adoption- New Photos & YouTube Video! My Special Sponsors: - Chris and Lisa White, in memory of Michelle Gole's special kitty, Lucy
- Donna and Manohar Asnani, in honor of Carrie Stewart and in memory of dear Johnny
- Carolyn Abraham
- Ed and Judy Bash
- Lisa Beacher
- Debbie Deal
- John and Eva Hughes
- Lisa and Cliff Kime
- Frank and Anna McVan
- Nancy Motl
- Becky Roessler
- Mike and Cindy Schiberl Gender: Female  Age:  10-12 years old   
  Available for adoption -New Update & New Photo! My Special Sponsors:     - Beth Battaline, in memory of our Goldens who have passed and need care as seniors.
    - Nora Wilcox
    - Darrin and Stephanie Kuczynski
    - Dave and Sherry Venderneut, in honor of Bosh, Jackson and Nellie
    - Rachel Yosa, in honor of Chance and in memory of Jake and Ernie
    - Denise Nims, in memory of my three musketeers, Ollie, Sam and Stan
    - Rae Reinhart
    - Bob and Susie Harlan
    - Denice and Bill Osborne Gender: Male  Age:  11 years old  
  On Hold!  My Special Sponsors:   - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of BJ Dell and in honor of Judy Dell Gender: Male  Age:  8 months old      
  Available after 4/18 -Update and New Photos! My Special Sponsors:   - Carlene Williams, to honor my girls Bella, Gracie, Zoie and Caoimhe
  - Jeff Welsh Gender: Male  Age:  8-12 months old   
  On Hold - New Photo! My Special Sponsors: - Carol and Jerry, Zoe and Kirby Chenoweth
- Ken and Juliann Tilger, in honor of Cheryl and Furman Alden
- Bernie and Ed Juchnowski, in memory of Gilbert Arndt
- Lennie and Jane, in honor and support of Margaret denHeijer
- Dave and Sherry Vanderneut
- Joyce Selzer
- Speedy recovery Isaac!!!  Wags, Miss Molly Nolan
- Dale Whitmire
- Helen and Jeff Headlee
- George Meszaros
- Jerome Pahl
- Laura Geuther
- Lisa Prouty Corwin
- Kathy Alteri
- Pamela Lovitt
- Nora and Molly Wilcox
- Ray Kozlowski
- David and Mary Rinderle
- Kari Eisenacher
- Anne and Bob Patram, in memory of Reggie Rinaldi and Major Wright
- Linda Marsh
- James Morrison
- Barry and Mary Russell, in memory of Major Wright and Reggie Rinaldi
- Albert Jepson
- We love you Isaac!  Michelle, Jeff, and Charles Curenton
- Sally Hodder, in memory of my beautiful golden Lucy who recently passed after a brief battle with osteosarcoma of the spine
- Nancy Motl
- Charlene Kuentz
- Charlene Dickard Hartson, in memory of Luna
- Bob and Susie Harlan
- Elizabeth Brantner
Gender: Male  Age:  3-5 years old  

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Apr 14
Last Updated on 01 April 2014

Missy had a follow up appointment last week with the specialist to adjust the solution in the occluder in hopes of improving her leaking.  Missy's foster's have reported they have already seen dramatic improvement and stated she went "commando" (without a diaper) last night and she did not leak at all!  We are so hopeful this sweet girl is on the road to being able to live a normal life.  Again we thank all of you who have expressed concern for her care and well being and generously donated toward her care. 


Mar 14
Last Updated on 05 March 2014

GRIN PicnicPlease save the date for G.R.I.N's Annual Reunion Picnic, which will occur on Saturday, September 6th beginning at 12 noon. Once again this year, the picnic will be held at Memorial Park in Wadsworth, Ohio.  More details to follow. The picnic is rain or shine, so we hope to see all your golden faces..owners are welcome too!

Mar 14
Last Updated on 26 March 2014
We are happy to report Isaac is back in his foster home, recuperating from his first ACL surgery. Unfortunately, Isaac's knee was very severely damaged and needed to be operated on by performing a corrective osteotomy. This surgery changes the shape of the tibia (larger bone directly below the knee) and the purpose is to stabilize the knee joint.  Isaac's surgery went very well and the surgeon is optimistic about his recovery.  Once this knee heals adequately Isaac will undergo surgery on the other knee.  Isaac has to be assisted with a lift while he heals however resident dog Bella helps out by bringing him toys and bones.
Jun 13
Last Updated on 19 June 2013

The GRIN Facebook group page has now converted over to our new Facebook fan page.  Please visit Facebook and LIKE Us on the new page to stay connected with GRIN.  Once you LIKE the page, hover over the Like button with your mouse and click "Get Notifications" and "Show In News Feed" in order to receive updates from GRIN in your daily news feed. If you then click on settings (while hovering), you can also get ALL Updates from GRIN to show in your News Feed. Please email director@grinrescue.org with any questions.


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Fun Photo of the Week

Easter Lucy12083Berigan funphoto

Wishing you a Happy Easter. . .

This is our beautiful Lucy, Golden #12083.  Lucy and her foster mom are getting ready to deliver Easter baskets on Saturday!  Lucy is doing so well in her foster home, getting all the love and care she so deserves.  She is thankful for such a wonderful home and also for the care all of our goldens receive in their foster homes.  Lucy wants to wish each of you a very Happy and Blessed Easter!

If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print@grinrescue.org.




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