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  Available after 9/30  Available for Sponsorship   Gender: Female  Age:  6.5 years old    
  Update! - WARNING graphic photos! My Special Sponsors: Sarah Fix; Marissa Gibson; Anna Elizabeth Shepard; Staci Duffy; Sandy McDavid; Nancy Kantura-sending many prayers; Gail Arndt- in memory of my dad, Maggie, and Norman; Fran Alabise; Bonnie Sweebe; Rose Nolan and Miss Molly-love and speedy recovery; Joannie Layne; Amanda Perrin; Norma & Buddy Bates; Elsa Cave; Nadine A Kowal; Christine and Don Gibbons; Vincent Detore; Helen Headlee; Melissa Woodrow; Ken and Pat Martell; James Morrison; The Stang Family and their golden Murphy; David Schutter; Karen Hardy; Linda Marsh; Claire Olson; Laura Vernon; Angela Nadine Harwood; Tim Burns; Melinda Kielmeyer; Melinda Taggart; Kelly Cameron and Diane Kanney; PK Weston; Carol and Jerry Chenoweth; Virginia Backus; Pamela Farr; Shane Ostrowski; Roberta Curtis; Don and Christine Howlett; Sherry Bradley-Zylak; Rich and Kellie Walters; Sandra Ling; Jennifer Forshey, John Butler and their golden Sid; Tracy Sadowski; Dr. John Osheka; Randy and Debbie Wetzel; Melissa Rohrer; Sally Hale; Donna Smith; Susan Wallace; George Meszaros; Kari Eisenacher; Lisa Gerrety; Nancy and George Chase; Amanda Lemp; Kim Hoffman and Buck; Tracy Millican; Beth Lautensleger; April Chapman; Marie R Patten; Ellen Homlong; Jim and Barbara McNamee; Denny, Carolyn and Addie Anne Krieder; Christine Harris; Mary and Jim Kacmar; Carrie Stewart; Nora Wilcox; Linda Vantaggi; The Kiester family; Karen Donnelly; Dave and Sherry Vanderneut; Nancy Booth; Kathy Bernat; Debbie Miller; Sydney Waring; Bob and Anne Patram; Barbara McKown; Stacy Kiser; Miriam Kuhl; Terri Fernandes; Carlene Williams; Rae Reinhart; Roseanna Frankowski; Cynthia Meeder and family; Fred and Ginger Pribble
Gender: Female  Age:  8 years old    
  Available for adoption  Available for Sponsorship   Gender: Male  Age:  6  years old  
  On Hold!  My Special Sponsors:   - Joe Kohut, in memory of Lady, Cassie and Chloe, the Golden Kohuts
 - Cassandra Wessel
 - Richard and Vaun Billman, in honor of Abby, our beautiful G.R.I.N. Senior.
 - In memory of Eli Kreider, with love from the Russell gang
Gender: Male  Age:  10-12 years old  
  Available after 9/28  My Special Sponsors:    - Judith Peters, in memory of Lynnie Peters-Clarice and Dan Shay Gender: Male  Age:  10 years old  
  On Hold - New Photo! My Special Sponsors: - Carol and Jerry, Zoe and Kirby Chenoweth
- Ken and Juliann Tilger, in honor of Cheryl and Furman Alden
- Bernie and Ed Juchnowski, in memory of Gilbert Arndt
- Lennie and Jane, in honor and support of Margaret denHeijer
- Dave and Sherry Vanderneut
- Joyce Selzer
- Speedy recovery Isaac!!!  Wags, Miss Molly Nolan
- Dale Whitmire
- Helen and Jeff Headlee
- George Meszaros
- Jerome Pahl
- Laura Geuther
- Lisa Prouty Corwin
- Kathy Alteri
- Pamela Lovitt
- Nora and Molly Wilcox
- Ray Kozlowski
- David and Mary Rinderle
- Kari Eisenacher
- Anne and Bob Patram, in memory of Reggie Rinaldi and Major Wright
- Linda Marsh
- James Morrison
- Barry and Mary Russell, in memory of Major Wright and Reggie Rinaldi
- Albert Jepson
- We love you Isaac!  Michelle, Jeff, and Charles Curenton
- Sally Hodder, in memory of my beautiful golden Lucy who recently passed after a brief battle with osteosarcoma of the spine
- Nancy Motl
- Charlene Kuentz
- Charlene Dickard Hartson, in memory of Luna
- Bob and Susie Harlan
- Elizabeth Brantner
- Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Stu Ferbrache Gender: Male  Age:  3-5 years old  
  On Hold! My Special Sponsors:       - Jennifer Rizzo, in memory of Timothy Green, loving father,
brother, husband, son, and friend. Gender: Female  Age:  4 years old  
  Available for adoption -New Update & New Photo! My Special Sponsors:   - Jack and Martha Stewart, in memory of Carrie's wonderful golden boy, Case.  
 - Beth Battaline, in memory of our Goldens who have passed and need care as seniors.
    - Nora Wilcox
    - Darrin and Stephanie Kuczynski
    - Dave and Sherry Venderneut, in honor of Bosh, Jackson and Nellie
    - Rachel Yosa, in honor of Chance and in memory of Jake and Ernie
    - Denise Nims, in memory of my three musketeers, Ollie, Sam and Stan
    - Rae Reinhart
    - Christy Cooper, in memory of Barley Cooper and in honor of Max, the little brother he left behind
    - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Dollie Motl
    - Bob and Susie Harlan
    - Denice and Bill Osborne Gender: Male  Age:  11 years old  

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Apr 12
Last Updated on 12 September 2014

jackson14027 1This sweet boy is Jackson.  He came to G.R.I.N. from a shelter who picked him us as a stray and he was not claimed.  We think he is around 6-8 years old and very loveable!  He will make a great addition to a new forever home.  You can read about this golden and all of our goldens who are waiting on their forever homes on our Available Goldens pages.  If you can't adopt or foster a golden with G.R.I.N., but would like to help one (or more) of our rescued goldens, you can help us by becoming a sponsor of one or more of these rescued golden beauties!  As you look through our pages of "Available Goldens", you will see that many are sponsored but these goldens still have NO ONE to sponsor them and we need your help:    Austin,  Belle, Jackson and Palmer   We are asking for your help!  Our goal is to have all of our goldens sponsored with one or more sponsors.  A "Golden Sponsorship" is easy and a great way to help some very deserving goldens.  Here's how to become a sponsor.

Read more: Golden Sponsorships- How You Can Help!

Mar 12
Last Updated on 31 August 2014

2015 1 CoverOur new 2015 G.R.I.N. Calendar is here and available today!   (See a preview of the calendar at the bottom of this article.) This beautiful, full color 9 X 12 calendar is filled with photos of G.R.I.N. member’s furry friends.  For your donation of $15.00 for each non-mailed calendar;  $17.24 for each calendar (includes shipping), these calendars will make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays or just every day use to hang in your home or your office.  Why not order a few for those hard to buy for friends and family members.  Calendars can be mailed to you, or we can mail them on your behalf and enclose a gift card, if requested.    If you prefer to order your calendar(s) by mail and send in a check, click here here for a mail in order form.  All Pre-orders have been filled and are in the mail, if requested, or ready for pickup at the requested location on your order.

Read more: G.R.I.N. 2015 Calendars - They are here!

Jun 14
Last Updated on 13 June 2014

BarkPictures from 2014 Bark in the Park

Please visit: https://2014bark.shutterfly.com/pictures to view photos taken at the Bark in the Park photo booth.



Mar 14
Last Updated on 07 August 2014
We are happy to report Isaac is back in his foster home, recuperating from his first ACL surgery. Unfortunately, Isaac's knee was very severely damaged and needed to be operated on by performing a corrective osteotomy. This surgery changes the shape of the tibia (larger bone directly below the knee) and the purpose is to stabilize the knee joint.  Isaac's surgery went very well and the surgeon is optimistic about his recovery.  Once this knee heals adequately Isaac will undergo surgery on the other knee.  Isaac has to be assisted with a lift while he heals however resident dog Bella helps out by bringing him toys and bones.
Update as of 5/21/14
Isaac1Isaac continues to recover from his initial ACL repair surgery.  Much to his dismay he has to wear a cone to keep him from licking the surgical site.  He is scheduled for a follow up appointment with the specialist in a couple of weeks.  If all is well he will be scheduled for surgery on the second knee.  He is a good natured boy and gets along well with his foster siblings Bella and Buddy.  Thank you for your continued support and well wishes. 
Update: 8/7/14
Isaac had his second surgery last week and we are very pleased to report he is doing well and is back with his foster family!  The specialist who performed the surgery stated this was a much easier surgery than the first one.  Foster mom indicates he is already weight bearing and walking fairly well.  Isaac will return to the specialist for a follow up in a couple of weeks for suture removal.  Thanks for your ongoing support of this pup!

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Ever wonder what they see?

This fun photo was sent in by Fergie Beachler's mom, Lisa.  Fergie was in front of her mirror one day and was facinated by the reflection of herself and Lisa was able to snap a photo.  Fergie was one of the G.R.I.N. puppies adopted out this past summer! 

If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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