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  Available for adoption- New Photos!  My Special Sponsors:    - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Cider and in honor of Kim and Ken Delfing; in memory of Sonny and in honor of Caroline Chesebrough
  - John Osheka
  - Virginia Backus
  - Christine Howlett
  - Lisa Oyer
  - Rich Walters, as a special Christmas gift to Jeannie Cherney
  - Emily Kern, may she find health and happiness in the New
Gender: Female  Age:  8-10 years old  
  Adoption pending! Available for Sponsorship   Gender: Male  Age:  2 years old  
  Adoption pending! Available for Sponsorship   Gender: Female  Age:  8 to 10 months old  
  Adoption pending! My Special Sponsors:     - Donna and Manohar Asnani, in memory of Miss Lillian Osborne
    - Caroline Sugalski, to honor this brave little boy and as a special Christmas gift to my husband Mark! 
    - Gayle Gyure, in memory of my beloved Sugar
Gender: Male  Age:  1-2 years old  
  On Hold!  My Special Sponsors:    - Special friends at www.Blanketsfurbeasties.com
   - Gail Goodman
   - Jim and Diane Brooks, in memory of Tanner Kime
   - Dave and Sherry Vanderneut Gender: Female  Age:  11-13 years old    
  Available for adoption - New Update &  New Photos! My Special Sponsors:    - Carlene Williams, in loving memory of my Bella Gender: Male  Age:  8.5 years old    
  Available for adoption- New Photos! My Special Sponsors:   - Carlene Williams, in loving memory of my Bella Gender: Male  Age:  13 weeks old  
  Adopted! My Special Sponsors:    - Charlene Hartson, in memory of Grazie
   - Rich Walters, as a special Christmas gift to Jim and Linda Weaver
Gender: Male  Age:  11.5 years old  

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Jun 10
Last Updated on 30 March 2012

AldenRain2Have you or a loved one ever considered including a non-profit or charitable organziation in your final estate plans?  We continue to receive inquiries from members on how they can include G.R.I.N. to receive a bequest from their estate.  There are many different bequests you can provide to G.R.I.N., however, we recommend speaking with your attorney or estate planner to see what situation works best for you.  For further information on estate planning and bequests, please download and view the Planned Giving Information document on our website.

Nov 14
Last Updated on 19 November 2014

Walk For A DogDon’t just take your dog for a walk… Take your Walk for a Dog! Go to WoofTrax.com, download the app, and support your local animal shelter every time you walk your dog. WoofTrax, through the Walk for a Dog mobile app, creates fundraising opportunities for shelters and rescues while encouraging dogs and their humans to exercise together regularly.

Support your local animal organization simply by walking your dog! Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and your favorite shelter or rescue.

Click “Get the App” at the top of the page, install the free Android or iPhone app, and start taking your Walk for a Dog every day. You can change the shelter or rescue you are walking for in the setup tab of the app for iPhone users, or in the settings menu for Android users. Be sure to encourage your selected animal organization to get the word out! The more people walking for a shelter or rescue, the more we can donate.

Apr 14
Last Updated on 07 September 2014

AmazonWe are proud to announce that G.R.I.N. is now a member of the AmazonSmile Foundation. You can login to shop on Amazon with your same username and password. The AmazonSmile Foundation will then donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. In order to purchase through AmazonSmile, please click on the the AmazonSmile link and make it your new favorite when purchasing at Amazon! http://smile.amazon.com/ch/34-1712705

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Fun Photo of the Week

Jonah and Lucy Grace Berigan fun photo

Lovin' the Snow in Cleveland!

These two beautiful goldens out having fun in the snow are Jonah and Lucy Grace Berigan.  Jonah (fka Chopper) was adopted in early February and Lucy Grace was adopted last May.  These two lucky G.R.I.N. goldens have found their forever homes and we couldn't be happier.  This photo was sent in by their proud mom, Sr. Mary Berigan.  Please consider adopting a senior golden!

 If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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