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  On Hold!-New Update & New Photo! My Special Sponsors:  - Denise and Gunnar Nims
 - Cassandra Wessel
 - Susan Erickson, in loving memory of Zoey
 - Charlene Hartson
Gender: Male  Age:  8-10 years old     
  Available for adoption- New Update, New Photos & YouTube Video! My Special Sponsors:    - Kimberly White, in memory of our guy Horty
   - Joe Mercer, in loving memory of Elizabeth O'Brien Gender: Male  Age:  2 years old
  Available after 2/16-Update! My Special Sponsor   - Donna Mathias
  - Denise and Gunnar Nims Gender: Male  Age:  10 years old     
  On Hold!- New Update & New Photos! My Special Sponsors:     - Tammy Blandine
    - Linda Marsh
    - David Brown
    - Norm Czubaj
    - David Bernatowicz Gender: Male  Age:  7 years old
  Adoption pending!  My Special Sponsors:    - Bettina Holzer, we pray that you will find your forever loving home.  In memory of our Charlie.
  - Denise and Gunnar Nims
Gender: Female  Age:  8 years old      
  Available for adoption- Pair w/ Katie-New Photo! My Special Sponsors:   - Nora Wilcox
  - Linda Young, in memory of my golden, Moses
  - Charlene Hartson
  - Lisa Gerrety Sulouff, in memory of beloved Sadie and Jackson
  - Barbara Eifel
  - Hugh Burkons
  - Dave and Sherry Vanderneut, in memory of Mr. Darcy, a true gentleman.
  - Linda Marsh
  - Darrin and Stephanie Kuczynski
  - Karthikeyan Shanmugavadivelan

Gender: Male  Age:  12 years old  
  On Hold! My Special Sponsors:   - Lennie, Jane and Wrigley, In honor of Miss Molly and her Mom, Nora Wilcox
  - Kristin Kiester
  - Shelley Griffin, thank you to Debi Herrmann for all you do for our furry friends xoxoxox
  - Shawn Rossi, with love
  - Chrissy and Tom Starck
Gender: Female  Age:  10 months old   
  Available for adoption My Special Sponsors:    - Theresa Waltos-Hawranko, in loving memory of my beautiful Jenna Gender: Female  Age:  1.5 years old     

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Nov 16
Last Updated on 14 November 2016

Operation BuckeyeGolden Retrievers In Need loves their goldens and we have learned that love has no borders. Due to the hard work of the Buckeye Bound Committee and your continued support and generosity, GRIN welcomed nine goldens from Turkey into their care on September 30, 2016.  Seven of the Turkey dogs have already been placed in a loving home.

Following their vet check and a few days in foster care, they were ready for some picture taking.  Guaranteed to make you smile!

Saving one animal may not change the world…but surely, for that one animal…the world will be changed forever.


Nov 16
Last Updated on 02 November 2016

Hope1The Backstory of Hope, a GRIN Turkey Dog Whose Life is Forever Changed

We are thrilled to announce Hope, one of GRIN’s Operation Buckeye Phase 2 pups, enjoyed her time in foster care, but now has found her forever home with a prior GRIN adopter complete with a GRIN Golden sister named Izzy.

While we continue our mission to rescue Goldens in our service area – and we’ve had lots come in recently – this operation has been very important to those in Turkey that are looking after and caring for the countless strays, and it’s been important and gratifying to us as well.

Read more: Operation Buckeye - Hope's Story

Oct 16
Last Updated on 16 October 2016

RustyDear GRIN Family & Friends,

Adorable little Rusty began displaying symptoms of lethargy and weight loss, and he was diagnosed with a potential liver shunt based on blood work.  His owners were unable to afford the testing, surgery and care required, therefore the family made the painful decision to relinquish him to GRIN so he could live a normal life.

Read more: Would You Consider Sponsoring Rusty?

Oct 16
Last Updated on 12 October 2016

Superheroes2Many THANKS to all who attended and had a HOWLING good time!

We had 57 humans and 36 canines attend our Howl O Ween Party and Pasta dinner this past Sunday. The cool fall breeze with a sunny blue sky was perfect. We had of the best group of costumes we've ever seen for both humans and canines. This was a very imaginative group and the judges had a very difficult time selecting the winners. We had some fierce treat stacking for humans and the dogs enjoyed bobbing for hot dogs in the kiddie pools and performing a trick for treats at the various doggie stations.

The Chinese Auction items were fabulous and our own Sr. Mary won the Love Rocks raffle. It's ironic since Sr. Mary picked it up and brought it to the event and then took it back home! We are grateful to our membership and friends support helping us add almost $1,500 to our Treasury. For more information, please contact: development@grinrescue.org

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Fun Photo of the Week

codykoenig funphotosmallSpring is only a few weeks away!

This beautiful golden is Cody Koenig.  Cody is an agility champion winning numerous awards and loves to be outside and to run, run, run.  His second favorite pastime is tennis balls.  He is reminding you to get outside with your golden and enjoy this beautiful weather!

If you have a fun photo of your golden that you would like to share, please send it to print and note that it is a Fun Photo!




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